Issue with Zoom audio after updating Soundcore Motion + to 45.49 firmware

Got a new Soundcore Motion Plus for Xmas. Now I have two and pairing them is awesome, although they can’t be very far away from each other. As part of the new arrival, was prompted to update firmware to 45.49. Now I think I’d like to revert back to 39.39 but don’t know how.

I’m finding that I’m having audio issues with Zoom and/or Teams. If I reboot my Windows 11 laptop , then connect fresh to the Soundcore (whether they will be paired or not), the Zoom audio for that first meeting may be just fine, but following that if I play any streaming music from a web browser then have another Zoom meeting, the audio fades in and out. Restarting the web browser or turning off the Soundcore and reconnecting does not help. Only a reboot of the laptop with the Soundcore off, then reconnecting will work. The immediate fix is to use an aux cable for the Zoom meeting. However the music doesn’t sound as good over aux so this is all very annoying.