Issues with Soundcore Life Q35 - windows 10

once its connected to my computer, whether or not the computer (windows 10) is playing anything it will ignore my phone(Samsung s7) the reason i bought it is so i could freely switch between them but if i forget to disconnect it from my computer it will not play from my phone

Have you tried total new settings?
Delete from all devices and so a new connection?

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Just out of curiosity: Are you connected with LDAC to either device?

Multi-point won’t work with LDAC. It has to do with Bluetooth Bandwidth.


The multipoint is fairly basic. You need to have one device not playing anything for it to switch.

Windows is particularly awkward, sometimes when it’s not playing it is still transmitting a small hiss sound which prevents the switching. Depending on the app / driver on Windows some folks have luck closing the tab which was playing, some have luck if they mute the PC.

Try muting the PC before switching to phone that may work best.

No such thing as seamless, not for these class of products. Possibly the next family of headphones.

Not criticising Soundcore , the products I have which do seamless switching cost 6 times the price. At that difference you’re best having two Soundcore products, one paired to PC another to phone.