Its getting cold outside here, so more "GUITARRAS PARA AMÁLIA"

I was presenting you only a little bit of this excellent concert. from 2020

Here is a little bit more.
Mais uma hora! :smiley:

If you ever played in a band you see how these excellent musicians play together.
One brief glance is enough to “talk”.

And you see they really like to play together, if you take a look at their faces,
without airs and graces.
Though they are all well known stars in PT’s Fado scene.
That’s TRUE LIVE MUSIC. :laughing:

Next more classical music if you want. :wink:

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It was cold here this morning as well.
Thanks for sharing, it’s pretty good! :+1:

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going on my list for tonight’s listening ty for sharing

Beside listening, its such a pleasure “to watch” them playing. :grin:

then i shall have to watch this tonight , i enjoyed listening so i am sure i shall enjoy watching as well :slight_smile:

Yes indeed, not only listening.
Too watch musicians playing their instruments is very important.
Taking a look how they “treat” their instruments.
I think not only for me.

it was amazing to watch yes you are so right it is something special to watch

Great you enjoyed it.
I like always to present something “special”

You all know me, my knowledge of “pop”-music ends in the 1980-ies.:laughing:
May be I was too much engaged (band, drummer) that I gave it uo.
After this period I was more concentration in classical music.
And beside of this I am a great fan of all folcristic music.
e.g. Fado.