It's Time For A Giveaway!

Hi everyone,

We’ve hit 100,000 members!

In just four short months we’ve gone from 0 to 100,000 members which is an enormous achievement and as I hinted at in the Core Update on Monday, to thank you for being part of the Collective we are having a giveaway :partying_face:

And since this is a special occasion, we’ve got not one, but 3 giveaways for you to take part in and we’ll be selecting a winner from each!

Giveaway 1: Random Selection
Share this article and we’ll randomly select one person who shared it to win a prize. It’s that simple!

Giveaway 2: Thank-You Letters
Over the past four months (and despite @Loz not even nominating admins yet) there’s been some members who have gone out of their way to help out. So, now’s your chance to say thanks to a fellow Collective member. Leave a comment below and @ the person you think has been the most helpful on here and the person with the most votes will win a prize.

Giveaway 3: Very Important Feedback
Tell us your favorite thing about the Collective so far and something you would like to see on here in the future (it could be a new feature or an improvement on an existing feature). The best answer wins, so make sure to share yours in the comments below.

The winners will be announced in Monday’s Core Update, so make sure you enter asap!

“But, what about the prizes?” I hear you ask. Since there was a huge variety of suggestions in the comments of Monday’s Core Update we’ve decided to give you a choice!

You can choose between:
A $100 voucher
Multiple products with a combined value of up to $100
(The products you choose must be available in your country and cannot amount to more than $100).

Good luck, and thanks again for being an important part of the Collective!



Great give away event @Hannah!!!

Already shared on Twitter!

I feel @Chiquinho and @Tank have been very helpful and supporting lot of queries and questions here on Collective and would like to Thank them!

Also thanks to the Soundcore Crew @Loz @Beauty for all the great support!!!

Feedback / Improvements, I have been posting quite a few threads - hope these get fixed / resolved!!!


@TechMan is my vote for the most helpful. Also always engaging and very active on the collective replying to posts or sharing his insights.

Feedback/Improvements - definitely to add the flexibility and access to members from all countries. I understand to some degree it can be difficult for certain logistical reasons. I just think more members would be inclined to engage knowing they are still a valued contributor to the collective.


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Great idea.
There are some members who have really deserved such a giveaway.
Take a look at the “Top 10 list”


What an awesome way to celebrate 100,000 members!! I would nominate @TechMan as well since he has been super helpful to me when I needed it. Of course, several members have been helpful, so it’s really hard to choose just one!!

I would like to see more gallery “themes” for each month to try and help showcase the Soundcore products in a certain setting. And I’ve mentioned it before, but the automation of the points to vouchers to spend on Soundcore needs to happen fast. We lose out on some good deals because of this delay.

Oh yeah… and I’m sharing this on Facebook and Twitter!!! Happy 100,000 Soundcore Community!!

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For the members I would have to say @tank or @techman or any of the active helpers.

The favorite thing is how active some of the crew members are, hopefully you guys stay active and maybe get more of the team on the forum.

Improvement wise there have been posts. The big thing that could help is maybe have a roadmap on what you guys are wanting to do with the site or improvements that will be made.

Another thing is that I bought a product through soundcore and never received the notes or points for buying.

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Giveaway one -
Is done and is posted on Twitter.

Giveaway 2- @Shenoy is my pick. He always seem positive in his answer or communication with others. He is a voice of reason for other when communication is either positive or negative.

Giveaway 3- There is a lot of positive things. I have enjoyed the Gallery and the potential to be featured for the week. I like the point system and notes system as it is different and similar enough to Anker site and as @Loz stated that the notes gives real world items that can be exchanged. The giveaways are pretty good as well. As far as anything that needs improved, it has to be the leaderboard.
If the goal of the leaderboard is to get people to do referrals to the site for number, I will say to leave it as is If the goal for the leaderboard is to get people to the community and to have them communicate and stay in the community then I will say it should be changed (as you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink). What I mean by this is that people will join the community but may not stay with the current leaderboard system. As you can probably see several people from the last 4 month have been there several times (me included). I would think having people interact will keep them on the site longer and coming back to the community My thoughts is if you keep the same prize setup, keep how you gain points and notes but change how you qualify for the prizes.
So my suggestion is to qualify for the prizes, you just have to be active in the community, either by making some comments, logging in and reading topics, or whatever else you guys decide is an active member. This way your active members who are less social media savvy or do come on every day may qualify for a top 10 prize. Plus you may have 200 or 2000 people having a chance to win than just 10. I know @Chiquinho has stated he does not like using social media sites that much (tell me if I am wrong) and I feel those members like @Chiquinho should have a chance as well. As I check the leaderboard from time to time, I see his name show up or drop off it throughout the month. So that is my change that I think may be needed for the site.




There are a lot of helpful folk on the Soundcore Community. Hard to pick JUST ONE! I frequently have been seeing @Tank @TechMan @Shenoy and @Chiquinho Thankful to them for their help and support around here.


I really like the Gallery feature of the forum. I have not been very active there, but are very interested to see the fancy pictures our members take!

One recommendation would be to have a dedicated review page. Similar or combined with the gallery, you can choose a category - Headphones, earbuds, speaker, etc, then it would show pictures and reviews of those items. This would be helpful to those of us looking to purchase a new item or to see all the reviews of one specific item/sku in one place (With purdy pictures of course!)

100K members is such an amazing feat in such a short period of time! Cheers to @Loz @Hannah @Beauty for your dedication to the community and the brand - it definitely shows!


This is tricky. I’m gonna have to think about this for a few hours before I give my answers. I shared on twitter!

  1. shared
  2. My vote would go for @Tank and @TechMan. They are beyond helpful with new members, super knowledgeable when it comes to the products and are always there to lend a helping hand out.
  3. The one thing I do love about it here is that everyone is very open and helpful when it comes to anything. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, be it related to anything or just an off the wall topic.

One major thing I do see is the inability to be able to see what it takes to level up or earn points/bucks without having to search for it. I have had new members who have asked me on the side about how the level system works and I think that adding an area dedicated to showing this which is easily found would be very helpful.

Similar to how it is setup on Anker:


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Giveaway 1: Will do later

Giveaway 2: Top 4 (not in order) are @TechMan @Shenoy @Chiquinho @Tank

Giveaway 3: My favorite things about the Collective are how we talk about what we consumers want and Soundcroe delivers, how we have a bond together in here, and how great it is to be here in all! :smile: I would like to see more categories added like concepts and others, more official community polls, faster point transactions, similar drawing giveaway setup to anker’s community, less dependance on other social media for points and testing because lurkers just spamming their social media with every official blog post posted shouldn’t override the people who put more time in actually on the community, and more exclusive/seasonal/one-time badges.


You are right I don’t use use social media.
But I really don’t mind if those who do have better chances to capture a place on those monthly top ten list.

I like to be here, meet such a lot of nice and friendly people from all over the world to talk with and having fun.
I am proud having a chance to take part on this forum and If I can help somebody to solve a problem I do my best.

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I know you comment more than 5 times a day cause I have read more than 5 comments from you about daily (LOLOL pun intented). I think a member could be active in the community but not be active in the leaderboard and members could be on the leaderboard potentially but not be active in the community. So that was my point. Gain a certain number of points and do the leaderboard more of activity board in the community. Referring 10 people and gaining 100 notes should not guarantee that you also get another prize for participating in the community just based on points gained. :slight_smile:

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I know what I can do:
I write only 1 comment per day and will put all the 5 I usual write in this single one! :joy:

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For community collective improvement:

  1. Community/forum chat integration. I’m thinking of another board/forum I used to be active on and while most general activity took place in topic posts/threads, there was also a chat function (box) for side conversations, etc. I can imagine it would be slow to start from a social aspect, but it could generate more personality as a tool to better acquaint ourselves with one another and likely be a powerful interface for 1-on-1 feedback (for those that help/support).

  2. Could use of referral link or QR code be implemented as a parallel to social media (mainly for intended tracking, giveaways and contributions)? I get the power of social media, but not everyone here prefers it (some don’t even use it) and the folks that some here might reach out to - and you know, ‘talk’ to in person, might not even have social media if the community member wanted to use it.

Extra credit…
Soundore site improvement:
If something is available for sale via Amazon link, it should also be for sale through the Soundcore website. I had a voucher for the Soundcore site that I didn’t use mainly because the one thing I was interested in buying could only be bought through Amazon - though other products through the Soundcore site were able to be purchased directly without linking to the Bezos Behemoth.

We do this a lot : “off topic”
Take part!

I’d say choose @TechMan, He’s always actively helping others. Not to mention he inspired me to start helping others and I enjoy it. I now try I to help others when I have time on the forums both Soundcore forums and Anker forums. besides that hope I can get along with all of you.
@TechMan was one of the first person to help me with an issue I was having when I joined and put his time troubleshooting with me. Thanks pal. :grinning:

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Nice! Good luck everyone!

@Fuu_bar. They added how to earn points n notes under the points n notes section. The levels is currently a thread but it may need to be pinned somewhere so it is always near the top of threads.