JerryRigEverything Motion Boom Plus Teardown

Really great to see a tear down of the motion boom plus! I have always loved tear down videos personally as they show you whats going on inside and how it all works.


Yet another great video from Jerry. It’s fascinating to see the inside of these pieces of tech…

Wish he could do at launch.

For me the puzzle is why the product costs so much given you’re mostly buying a box of air.


Must be the silk and titanium :wink: :rofl:

As a follow up on this, I just noticed this on his twitter feed from where he tore it down… Good luck to anybody that wants to try for it…

Thanks for sharing. It was interesting! :+1:

Only the server knows were my posting has being disappeared.
I forget about that.

Tear down is always interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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