Just an observation

I see a lot of “that’s already been posted” comments to topics or questions people bring up. The old rule of if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything doesn’t seem to apply. From my experience the amount of posts can be overwhelming and sometimes one doesn’t want to scroll through a list when it’s easier to just ask the question again. So I say instead of being passive aggressive with fellow users tag them in said previous post or add the link to it.

Just a thought.:upside_down_face:

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Questions are one thing, posting deals/links/articles a second time is unacceptable.

I’ve answered the same questions dozens of times, but I don’t mind. It’s generally one time community members that need some help with a product they like. I don’t expect them to read through all the rules closely, and then read all the topics on the forum.

When regular everyday users begin posting the same article or deal multiple times, it’s really out of laziness. We all know how to use the community, and how to use the search bar.


That’s a solid point, some of the post are done for points and quite obvious.


I don’t have a problem people posting questions. But I do get tired of those don’t try and research easy answers, double posting of ads/sales/contests, and those trying to post for points only.

I say ask away and I will do my best to answer the questions.

Unacceptable is a bit strong for me, I find them more annoying…especially from members who should know better or to use some common sense judgement…

Questions, no issues with questions as mainly come from new members who don’t know the rules of the communities and overall might not be that tech savvy anyways…so asking them to search for the correct answer is almost akin to having them try to solve their own problem without the knowledge how to do so (think that makes sense :thinking:) …


Every community there you get points have those persons who try to “win”. My last community was Miui Global Forum and there was those who answered every question even if they didn’t know the answer (like - that was odd, I haven’t that problem. Sometimes they give’s the wrong answer) just to get those points :unamused:

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I think a lot of this also has to do with using the search function before making a new post to see if its already posted or addressed. However this has been the age old issue on forums across the board so I don’t see this changing any time soon. You will always have those that post before searching and those who jump on them for it. haha!

It’s the eternal battle!

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I should admit I have posted at least 2 deals repeated as pointed out by @techman. One time it was quite obvious that I even responded to the first time post (core update).:grimacing: It was a true ignorance of what I was posting and didn’t strike to my mind that I just saw that few mins ago. I was in rush to post it out and get done and not thinking. Of course doing searches multiple times now so not to go through this embarrassment again.:wink:

Enough explaining. :relieved: But as @fd.svensson mentioned it is not end of the world and if you really care, tag it like you did, people realize and move on…

PS: No offense to anyone here, just honest opinion and confession :innocent: