Just got new headphones and was directed here to sign up; what do i do now

Hi. I just got my new headphones; plugged them in to charge, and downloaded the app the directions told me to which brought me here. These are my first headphones. How do I learn how to set them up, please. Especially for noise cancelling, but also to connect to my music playlist on the computer.

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There’s a manual in the box, read that.

First you need to Bluetooth pair, the manual shows how, connect.
Then you connect in the app.
Then explore the features of your specific headphone noting you’ve not said what model yet.


As stated it would help to determine what device you have and how to set up the device. Some devices has multi point to connect to more than one device as well as app support for functions.

The community is just a place for people that enjoy soundcore to come to talk about music, audio, or soundcore. You can participate and earn some notes to get a discount on other devices.

If you have a phone that has Bluetooth, you can connect them to the phone and then connect the device to the soundcore app for additional things that may be helpful for the headset (if those headset have app support).

If you are connecting to the pc, you have to connect it to the pc Bluetooth (BT). The easiest way is to type in the search on the pc, Bluetooth. It should take you to Bluetooth and other device settings. Here you can click to add the device to the pc. (make sure the device is turned on and follow the settings).

Not all Soundcore products use the App. If you want help, it would be advantageous for you to tell us what Headphones you bought.

Wellcome to community.
Nore details on model would be helpful