Just received my new Liberty 2 pro (updated version)

So as a birthday gift to myself, I decided on replacing my aging 1MORE Stylish earbuds. (I have cycled through numerous pairs of bluetooth earbuds including Tranya, Aukey, Soundpeats, FILL) The 1MORE’s have been my “daily drivers” for roughly a year now, and I’ve been totally satisfied with them, but they’re beginning to give me various issues such as not making good contact when placing them inside the charging case, and one earbud frequently sounding louder than the other one. I’m not upset in the least, as I’ve dropped them too many times to count, gotten them wet, dirty, and overall just beating them up. They’ve certainly outlived expectations.

So after doing my due diligence scouring the internet for reviews, opinions, and “best of” lists, I narrowed it down to the Tronsmart Apollo Bold, and the Soundcore Liberty 2 pro+. The deciding factor for me was app support, and Soundcore’s second to none customer service.

I’m still in the process of breaking them in, so I haven’t really cranked up the music yet, but so far, I’m pretty happy. Connection is super stable, transparency mode is definitely above average, and the separation between highs, kids, and lows has been better than I anticipated.

The few gripes I currently have are the weird tuning I get utilizing " hear ID". It doesn’t produce an enjoyable sound. I have been going back and forth with the generic Soundcore Signature and the acoustic presets. I’m going to give them a few more days to break them in a bit more and retry registering my ears to see if it improves any.

Luckily, I haven’t heard any hissing yet as others have complained about.

I wish the Soundcore widget was more useful than it is now, and I really don’t understand why Soundcore doesn’t push out a software update to add some ANC into the feature set. There’s plenty of microphones to get the job done, so maybe they’ll push out a “feature drop” similar to how Google does with the pixels and give us some ANC for Christmas!(we can dream)

This is my story so far,and I will definitely update it every so often to offer my experiences with the Liberty 2 pro+.

I’ve already owned the Q30’s, the Q10’s, and a set of Anker’s earbuds that go around your neck, and none have ever let me down. Here’s to another hopefully great experience!


Thanks for sharing your impressions


Thanks for the share. In all honesty, I’ve been considering buying these myself. I’ll be interested in seeing any further thoughts you have on these. :+1:


Before doing the hear id, you need to make sure that you have a good seal and that may require finding the right ear tips and wings.

For the most part the hear id will get you to a starting port that you may can tweak some if you want.

The ANC is basically what you get in the Liberty 3 Pros. The Pro plus I think adds the LDAC to it.

Will say once you get it to a good fit and everything, you should go to YouTube and play some of the 8d songs.

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I’ll tell you what… For anyone who has ever been underwhelmed with their new headphones/earbuds, I’ve learned from experience that it is absolutely imperative to break them in over the course of a few days. I personally listen to them at around 50-70% volume, but never more than that during this period.

And just as I expected, today is like listening to a totally different set of earbuds because I’m hearing sounds and instruments I know I wasn’t hearing before today. It’s honestly something I had to experience myself because whenever I would read someone’s post about breaking headphones in, I was totally thinking they were just making excuses for whatever brand they were discussing. But most headphones definitely do need a small break in period.


Awesome, thanks for the advice. After a couple more days of break in, I’m going to do exactly this.

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It does have a pretty good experience.

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Interesting about having to burn in the earbuds. I never would have considered doing so.

Glad you are enjoying the new earbuds, and looking forward to your review.

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I bought the original Liberty 2 Pros when they were first released.

They sounded amazing from the first listen and continue to sound amazing every time I use them.

I never spent any time “breaking them in”. It is hard to imagine that the sound qualities of earbud drivers change much over the course of a few hours.

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Agree on break in. Earvuds souds different after some time.

Early on in the community there was several discussion on the burn in concept. Some will do and other will not…

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I wonder how much an 11mm driver really breaks in? It might be more our ears/brains break in (get use to the sound). I’m not saying they don’t, just that it’s a highly debated topic.

Now I know for a fact Tubes Burn in (Had Tube amps most of my life).

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