Keep Your Ears Open and WIN!

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@Dez_S - Liberty 2 Pro
@furrdogg - Liberty Air 2 Pro
@omsweet0m - Life Q30

Please contact @william.ward with your shipping details.

Any guesses on when World Listening Day is? July 18th! Kudos if you got it right.

Here’s a little backstory on how this celebration came about.

In 2010, a group known as World Listening Project launched World Listening Day, a global event devoted to exploring the world around us including the environment, societies, and cultures through the practice of listening. July 18 was chosen to celebrate the birthday of Raymond Murray Schafer, a famed Canadian composer and sound theorist.

As an audio brand, great sound and experience is something we always strive to provide to our users. In celebration of World Listening Day, we’ve decided to honor this day with some awesome news! Who’s up for another round of GIVEAWAY!? :raising_hand_woman:t2::raising_hand_man:t2:


(1) The giveaway is only open to residents of the US, UK, Canada, and Germany.

(2) One entry per person.

(3) Winners will be announced here at the Collective on Monday, July 26th.

(4) Winners will be contacted directly on Collective, Facebook, and Twitter.

(5) Winners will be chosen at random.

(6) Soundcore reserves the right to a final explanation.

(7) Three winners will be selected and each winner will be allocated one prize chosen at random by Soundcore of either Liberty Air 2 Pro / Life Q30 or Liberty 2 Pro.

(8) Entries must be in this thread only. Creating new threads may lead to exclusion from the giveaway.


singers in harmony

Now days it my kids laughing.

My favorite sound is listening to rain. I can’t think of anything more relaxing or calming. It puts me at peace so easily.

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An aria may be “Nessun dorma”

I love hearing a guitar or saxophone soloing in jazz music

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The sound of waves at the lake or by the ocean. Very calming.twitter

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My favorite sound is music, not sure which one though. But MUSIC. Thanks so much to Soundcore for organizing this giveaway. I will definitely make a video review of the product if I win!

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White noise Zzz

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Listening to rain is the most relaxing time ever

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I like the sound of birds

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I love listening to the rain and thunder it’s so relaxing and soothing to me.
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I’d have to say that my favorite sound is waves crashing on the shore. I’ve always found it relaxing & therapeutic.

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Cool cool cool.
My fav sound is that of my giggling kids. Close 2nd is rain drops on a tent.
I fared pretty well in the quiz - only missed #8. Nice compilation!

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My favorite sound is listening to music with the sound of rain hitting my window while hearing the sound of my pencil as it hits the paper.

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That’s some crazy animals to hear. But it’s sound like my neighborhood. Dogs I can stands to hear. #WorldListeningDay Good luck to the giveaway.

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I love the sound of a grand piano. So calming…

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My favorite sound is the sound of the sound of the sea.
I live 600 km from the sea, so the time when I can be at the seaside is always a special time for me.
The sound of the sea and crashing waves not only calms, calms and relaxes my nervous system, but also evokes the most beautiful memories of my youth. Memories of the most beautiful holidays with friends, the time of meeting a beautiful girl and the first great love experienced by the sea and the sound of the waves.
The sound of the sea evokes and brings back memories of a holiday with a girl who became my wife. And in recent years, the noise of the sea accompanies the holidays spent with my wife and our three children.
My favorite sound: the sound of the sea :smiley:!


My favorite sound is that of an Aston Martin DBS firing up in a garage!

What a roar it is!!!

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