Kids at home, what to do to avoid boredom?

I am not in that situation, but there may be many others here!
The whole day watching TV or streaming media?
Not so good.

So what to do?

I remember always the good old board games.
I was never a “player” but I did take part.
Was a lot of fun.

Even now we play those.
Old parents and “old kids” :joy:

Board games are a ton of fun :grin:

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I know!!!

And cards games as well.
Not Poker…heheh!

There are many more simple, but funny ones.
Often forgotten in those times of online games

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play monopoly such a wicked game at any age to play its such a great board game.

or play some Fifa 19 on PS4 also a great footy game

I’m a bug strategy game fan, so I like scythe and dominion. Monopoly is a classic game that I enjoy playing with the nieces and nephews when they visit.

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Do you know this one?
Its called “barricade” as well.
There are online-versions.
But a board is of course much better!

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I seem to remember this from when I was a kid, but I haven’t played in years.

image image

Have you seen either of these? They are both similar. I played them as a kid.


First off, if they tell you they are bored, assign them chores. They will not tell you they are bored again.

And then they can find ways to entertain themselves. It isn’t all that hard.


I remember this tactic well from when I was a child :wink:. It makes more sense now :joy:


This is similar to our “Mensch ärgere Dich nicht”

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