Kingdom heart melody

Kindom Heart new demo of their new games looks to be one of those music melody games. I tend not to like these games but I do like beat saber on the ps4 vr system.

So if you like musical button smashing games, you make want to check it out.

Love me some Beat Saber!! It’s what got my wife to finally let us by an Oculus Quest!!

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It is good. I have a hard time playing as my kids take over.

Do like Tetris on PSVR as well with the music and visuals.

If done right , games done in VR can be pretty awesome.

@TaborTech, My youngest wants the Oculus even though we have the PSVR. Any suggestions on anything needed other than the basic headset and controllers or is there any issues that has been found.

I got a carrying case for mine and Google chrome cast so I could cast the feed to whatever tv I wanted. It’s been great to take on trips or when I have a long day at the office I might take it just to get a little exercise in. I haven’t researched the new Quest that just released, but I bet it’s good.

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Interesting, didn’t know about this upcoming until I read this. Might be something I try for the kids. Just bought an older Paw Patrol game & the newer one coming out for the kids to try. Might have to add this one to the Christmas list too.

As me and @TaborTech said there are a few good games with music themes and bad ones too.

I bought my wife Britney Spears dance party for the ps2 or ps3 and I hate it but wife loved it.

My oldest son plays the persona dance party game. I have watch him play it and it does seem pretty good.

Beat Saber is pretty good and challenging at times. I will say, I tend to have to watch the kids as they play that in the psvr system. The main reason is a low ceiling fan are right above them. Lol

VR is so cool, and at the same time so far from usable for me. I end up with a headache or serious dizziness with all the options I have tried - it has been a few years now, but not sure how much that would have improved.

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