L2P Poor mic in discord

I’ve reached out to discord, tried their multiple settings and even beta versions of the apps. For some reason my Liberty 2 pros mic sound AWFUL, but only in discord. I have a friend using the Neos and they sound as good or better as the wired he was using. So why do mine, a pair of buds with a 100 dollar difference, sound like I’m talking in a tin can? We both have Android 10, both on Samsung devices (him Note 9 me note 10+) using essentially similar hardware. To boot I’ve had 4 pairs of these earbuds due to defective units and they all sounded the same. But here is the catch, they are crystal clear in phone calls and recording apps. Not an issue. Is there anything I can do to help this? It’s upsetting I can’t use discord while out say, on my lunch break, because it sounds so awful no one wants to hear me talk. Any help would be great.

I assume nobody here really knows. From what I have learned via a recording app, when the bluetooth mic is “prefered” it drops quality to AAC 32kbps, where as the phone’s built in one does AAC 128kbps and sounds fine. Is this really a limitation of using these earbuds as a headset? It doesn’t seem to hurt calls so far, just apps like Discord.