L2P upgrade to LDAC

Hello and happy New Year,

I am currently looking for a new pair of in-ears and have a question:

I understand that there is a Liberty 2 Pro “upgraded version”.

My question is: Is the upgrade of the Liberty 2 Pro also a firmware upgrade, or is it a hardware upgrade? I.e., if I purchase a Liberty 2 Pro and want the LDAC codec, do I need to look for the “upgraded” version because it is a different hardware, or can I purchase “any” L2P and do the upgrade in the app?

I have also read that the LA2P have received a firmware update and now supports LDAC. So, the LA2P seem to share the same hardware and can receive LDAC via a firmware update. Is this the same with the L2P?

And then another more subjective question: I am mostly listening to classical music (also when commuting or doing sports), and mostly vocal/choral music. Do you think the L2P are better than the LA2P? I am looking for a neutral sound profile without any extensive bass enhancements …


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Best is you ask the support as well.
They might give you the perfect fitting answer.

The L2P has Qualcomm aptX. I think the firmware (Chip-set) is different.

The L2P Upgraded has LDAC and Transparency

I think it boils down to what features you want and then buy accordingly.


If you want LDAC codec you have to buy L2P + (Upgrade).
It is impossible to update L2P to have LDAC. When it comes to the quality of the sound itself, I have read a few opinions which show that the sound of the L2P is slightly better than the LA2P. Of course, the L3Pro has the best sound. I have L2P (with aptx).
The sound is great for me.
For me, the aptx codec is more convenient because I don’t have to rip my CDs to create Flac files and only then use the sound with the LDAC codec.


L2P has Qualcomm chipset, L2P+, LA2P has BES (both shown on teardowns). Qualcomm has AptX but not LDAC, BES can have LDAC if they want to but not AptX. There’s not a teardown of L3P (that I noticed) but guessing it’s BES hence LDAC no AptX.

It was indeed a surprise the LA2P got LDAC as odd to add a capability to an already sold product which never promised it, but doubt L2P is physically capable of LDAC given it’s Qualcomm with AptX.

As others have mentioned, some will find AptX technically a better fit for them than LDAC.

All due credit to Soundcore for adding LDAC to LA2P.