L3p firmware - force update?

Hi. I recently got a replacement set of l3p’s. They are great, as was Soundcore support. However, they have sat at firmware v3.75 since I got them (7-10 days}, and I’m pretty sure my old hurts were at v4 75 or so

Is there any way to prompt an upgrade? The app insists I’m up to date.

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Have you tried resetting them? That may prompt a firmware update.

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Sorry to ask but did you connect them to the app, go to their app page and hit the 3 dots(assuming) to see if they are up to date or if there is an update.

Unsure of the current firmware of the l3pro

If I remember right, clicking on Sound Mode and activating LDAC will prompt them to update to v04.75. I’m going off memory here. Let us know if that helps.

PS I’m on v04.75


Yes! I forgot about that. Enabled ldac and the update followed. Thanks!


You’re welcome. I’m happy to see that helped! :+1:


Superb to hear that @Steve976 got you sorted :+1:t2:

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