L3Pro Not Loud Enough

My first pair had a problem (blustering noise in right earbud only) returned them but still I find their top volume level is not loud enough. After looking at a tonload of videos and reviews of people saying that they are very loud I thought that this pair might have rectified this. I am disappointed with this issue and now I’m stuck with it. I do not have any hearing problems and I have seen posts where others complain of the same issue. Will Soundcore resolve this with an update or will they even care to take care of their customers by asking for these serial numbers to resolve via OTA updates. Thanks in advance for your reply as I live in the Caribbean and paid a lot of money to have them returned and resent/new pair.

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Isnt there a possibility to adjust loudness on your bt device?
Eg I can do 150% and I can increase the preamp power.

Extremely loud soun can harm your hearing ability. Be careful with loud sound.


Do not have but do think somebody may have had a post before

Yes, look how It ended with me.:rofl:

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Disclaimer : Be careful with blasting music to loud through your Earbuds.

That being said you can disable the Absolute Volume. In some (most) instances it will increase your volume.