LaptopMag Life P3 Review

One of the first released reviews for the life p3. I am so excited for the life P3 can’t wait for more reviews to pour. Anyone have a favorite feature they are looking forward to because me I love the idea of game mode :video_game: and being able to find them with a beeping sound. Fingers crossed they live up to the hype.

Also it has some nice pictures for those interested


So it looks like a difference between the LA2P and Life P3 is that the LA2P have wearing detection, Hearid, IpX4. P3s have IPX5, low latency mode, sleep sounds, and an earbud location feature. Both have 11mm drivers (LA2P with Purenote technology. I’m not sure about the P3 besides 11mm.

Between the P2 and P3…P3 upgrades EVERYTHING.

Everyone else concur according to the info available so far?

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It sure seems that way @RaphStarr. I haven’t seen any mention of the PureNote on the P3’s yet.

Thanks for sharing. Will take a look at this review

Much better review than the prior one I had looked at. I’ll check some of the others you posted in the collection list.
Thanks for curating :wink:

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