LDAC codec support for Android devices

Hello, I am trying to enable the LDAC codec playback support on my phone. “Soundcore app” shows LDAC option enabled however, The LDAC codec option still gray out in the developer options will not be in LDAC but AAC. I tried different music apps YouTube, YouTube music, Spotify, deezer, local files all with same result. AAC codec but not LDAC

Possible fix for this is to use an external module to load the LDAC library files. And this requires a rooted phone which is not a possible option for me and perhaps for many users.

Another fix is that the soundcore app could include LDAC libraries similar to this one
And this

I am not a developer they maybe other solutions or way to enable LDAC code

Any body have the LDAC codec playback successfully enabled ? Please share your inputs

Go to bluetooth setting, details, on the soundcore bluetooth press the setting on the right and turn on ldac.

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it doesn’t work on my device. I tried different solutions but still the same. Thanks for the comment.

Ldac works but it’s "flat, without range stage ", poorly implemented. Worrke only for my wife in advance setting/Devs options. Better sound but it’s not the same, sometimes I hear list quality between left and right hearing.