Leaderboard Incentive changes - March Update

Just to followup on the conversation from last month.

A lottery for active users with requirements similar to the following was as close as we got to consensus:
Visiting regularly &
2+ comments per day &
Not a recent referral leaderboard winner

An interpretation of that for February would be:
21 visits (3/4 of the days),
56 comments (2 per day, short month)
Exclude Jan and Dec leaderboard winners.
Screenshot of the Feb1-Mar1 activity sorted by replies:

There are 10 people who make the cutoff for replies and visits. 6 won prizes in the last two months. So that would leave VertigoXX, Prof, Chiquinho and ndjiemei eligible for the lottery. Hopefully a lot more would make the effort and be in if this was the rules and not just a crazy idea.

I’m sure the team is already considering how to move ahead, I look forward to seeing what develops!


Problem with any leaderboard prize is there will be some who are dedicated to trying to hit daily max points to win the prize(s) whether they will be used or not (i.e. to sell), be it through posting or touting for referrals (not certain if this is a main points grabber anymore).

Would prefer them to stick with notes for leaderboard prizes and put the normal ‘monthly’ prize into a constructive competition that has to be judged rather than a post / share / like to win…


The lottery aspect of the proposal eliminates the incentive to maximize. It wouldn’t really be a leaderboard - just qualification for a random drawing based on some level of activity.


I can’t be bothered with spamming the forum so much I force a win, so I don’t bother and so never win.

If it were a lottery rather than just the few taking alternate turns at winning, would be fairer.

The threads created daily just to win the leaderboard is yawning. :yawning_face:

I don’t blaming the spammers, they just want free stuff, it’s the rules and rules are just to be played. Random would indeed undermine the spam.


I would say reduces rather than eliminates, as you would still have some level of posting mentally to hit the sweet spot for qualification. For most members this would fit in with daily posting, for new members after a lottery win, who knows…


You cut off at an important point - it eliminates the incentive to maximize. But “massively reduces” would work there also.

Still an incentive to be active that will change people’s behavior, yes. But tried to set it at a reasonable bar, that would reward active members without requiring the intensity of effort.

Part of the design was to make sure it would naturally include Prof and Chiquinho, who are active even without aiming for the top, and encourage people like you to be more active over here as well. Hopefully we get a chance to find out!


While I agree this is an important topic I don’t think we need to continue to make new threads discussing it.


If someone from Soundcore Team is listening,… just get rid of the leaderboard!!!


Instead of Soundcore products as top prizes for Leaderboard Toppers, give the top 1-3 may be $60, $40 , $20 … some gain for toppers and some (more) business for Soundcore :wink:


If a fan is so thrilled and interested, they should be “OK” with the coupons!


That’s it. :smiley:


While it is a bit annoying to keep creating new threads on the same topic , some kind of official acknowledgement of these feedbacks from members would have been good…

if previous thread does not get attention, no harm creating a new thread with new set of idea… all in hope of Soundcore team taking note of it…


There’s some saying one of my old bosses used to use that “if you don’t speak, people cant hear you”
Well, it went something like that @Shenoy :sunglasses:


I want new threads created as it’s a genuinely interesting topic, not just to get a score for free stuff.

Community is more about common interests and giving. A bit of getting back is healthy fun but right now it’s not.


Hmmm, is it really interesting to create a new thread announcing that
Mr. XYZ has produced a new music album?
If this would be done with all new produced albums we would run short of
memory pretty soon.


Agree, if they stopped the points farming then turn those interested in a common topic can reply to existing thread which then those not interested can mute.

To create a daily new thread to just get top of leaderboard is not community.

Get rid of leaderboard.


I could tell all here that Ludwig van Beethoven composed
Klaviersonate Nr. 21 C-Dur op. 53 (Waldstein) in 1803
by opening a new thread.


As a point digger with 2 monthes experience I should say it’s a very hard and borring work🤣
I agree on removing point for posts and sharing on social media. As well I do agree on winner draw.
But I think there is danger that all remaining posts will be from Support section. We should think how to avoid that. I mean how to trigger creating quality threads for general discussions or just for fun.


Yes if you remove the banal daily thread mining you’d be net quieter.

But honestly I scroll down last useless threads and so now the good stuff gets hidden.

The discussion would also be more threaded as no need to make a new thread, find nearest match and reply so those interested can see their topics faster.

Sooner leaderboard ends the better.

I could chime in and do a today in music history thread to add to the awful clutter. I refuse.

We could discuss future products but…

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I was always talking about that.
For me its really waisting time time to scroll here through a pile of threads,
And I got really a plenty of time.
May be others like.

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For me I’ve been busy but at the very least a visited the site. As for replying there was much that interested me or many support questions that people didn’t already comment on.

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Definitely a good point about not ending up with all Support section posts - the Eufy forum is like that, and reading down the list you would think they have terrible products beset by a multitude of problems.

I don’t mind points for creating a thread - if the winner take all leaderboard is fixed, that is a pretty small incentive. And if you want to win the weekly points / notes it takes something better than a “new album is out” announcement anyway.

I agree that a new releases thread, etc would be a better way to keep discussions going than all the new individual threads.