Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page named the "greatest guitarist" ever

Jimmy and I are in agreement. :+1:

Spoiler Alert

He thinks the Greatest ever is Jimi Hendrix. No surprise there. I think that as well.

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Some may think so others do not.
I never like such “superlatives”.

The article was about who Jimmy Page considered the greatest guitar player. He’s entitled to have his opinion. When it comes to guitar, who are we to argue with him?

I mean seriously, he’s probably forgotten more about guitar, than most of us will ever know!

Nice article. Thanks for sharing

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That’s what I said : The author of the article got this opinion, nothing to add.
I don’t like those statements “greatest XXXXXXXXXX” of all time.

I will say that some great guitarist are mentioned in this article. I may disagree with him but i will say many are in my top lists. thanks for sharing this

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