Left bud has red light in case while the other is white

I have had a pair of soundcore life p2’s for about 2/3 years now. They have been amazing and have had no issues previously, bar needing a reset maybe once or twice.

Unfortunately the left bud isn’t charging, and just sits in the case with a red light. The case is fully charged and the right bud has no issues and still is showing a white light and resetting perfectly. When I take the left bud out of the case the light goes off completely. I cannot reset it out of or inside of the case. I’ve tried to clean the connections between the case and the bud. The bud still had a red light when in the case but there was a very quick flash of white when I first put it in.

I would just use the right bud until I have the money to buy a new pair but unfortunately the left bud is needed for base pairing and the right won’t pair alone.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

You could try to clean all contacts (earbuds and charging case)…
Often helped.

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I agree with @Chiquinho. I’d try cleaning the contacts on the case and Earbuds with Rubbing Alcohol.

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