Less compressed music coming soon to spotify

I don’t think I could tell the difference between lossy and lossless compression in general anyway - even with great headphones, MOST of the time lossy is good enough. But if you need better, they are planning to offer it, for a price.

That does make me curious - what does it actually cost them to stream the higher quality music? Double the bandwidth? But what percentage of the total costs to them is that anyway, vs interface and licensing? It doesn’t seem like it should change the price much, but it has on other services. TBD here.

Interesting, seems to be demand for it. Undoubtedly will be a significant price hike, I’m sure of that. Not something I would invest in. Trying to reduce my use of Spotify anyway.
Plus, as long as music sounds good and clear to me, I don’t care whether it’s the absolute best quality it can possibly be. Just sit back and enjoy, rather than analysing how strong the bass is or whether each element is perfect etc…

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