Less playback time😟

Why is it that my Liberty pro 2 gives me less than 3 hours of playback time? One thing I noticed is that one ear goes down faster than the other and that’s really annoying.

What’s your phone? It is normal for these wireless buds to be asymmetric battery usage as one side is master. The degree of asymmetry is bluetooth version. If you do get BT5 then there’s less asymmetry than BT4.2 or 4.1

The workaround, well I don’t have LP2 but I have the LA2 and I just put the buds in the case and take the left bud out first to make it the master, to even up the battery drain.

It’s also worth noting this in any purchase decision. I have only spent my own money on the Life P2, cost me £33 back in March. I don’t attach much £ value to the wireless advantage. In my case I use wireless buds one ear only and just swap between the buds. If I’m using both ears then I use wired because I can store wired buds around my neck and never lose. I’m baffled why anyone would spend more on £ for asymmetric features. Wireless isn’t that good an idea. Personally…

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The L2P should have higher battery life than that for sure. What volume are you using the earbuds at? The advertised number is based on 60% volume

Are you able to do some testing to check some things out?

If you take out one earbud from the case, fully charged, and run down the battery, what do you get?

If you do the same with the other, is the time same / comparable / worse?

I have these, and get close to 8 hrs. When I take them out of the case I get greeted with high battery.

Possible that the earbuds are full charged or the case is need of charging?

Should the same results present, it would be good info to share with support. (And us :wink:)

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Oh and are you setup through the soundcore app? Did you update the firmware?

8 hours? Geez. I charged both full and use it at the loudest volume and after 2hrs, it’s half. But just the right one. Then an hour later, it’s gone. But the left lasts longer. If I don’t use it to listen to songs, then it last long.
Really upsets me I can’t use it for more than 4 hours @ least


Ahh, I have mine maybe at 25% volume. Perhaps yours are defective?

I know others here have the pros, not sure what kind of battery life they are getting…


I’ve posted up another reply, to different thread as another user is having similar issues.

See if that helps you out at all too :slight_smile:

Good luck.

Volume increase and battery decrease are not linear in relation. The louder you go, the faster battery drop you’ll experience. If you listen at 50% or lower, you’ll reach 6-8 hrs much easier depending on music genre. If you have to listen at full volume, maybe check the eartips because fit does matter a lot. Better fit might help you reduce volume

This was what happened today. After charging both L & R at 100%. I used then without using the sound equalizer. Started at 3.30pm and at 6.15pm, eight ear had 1 bar left and was saying “battery low”.
Meanwhile, left ear still had 4 bars left with just 1 bar gone. So this means left ear lasts longer than right ear at the same volume.
This was the same problem with my first LP2, I had to return it to bestbuy and got a refund a land purchased another pair same day thinking it was a factory problem with that pair.
Now I guess they’re all like that.

My conclusion is “listening to high volume drains the right ear faster”

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The right would drain faster than left but not sure if what you are experiencing is normal drain. I don’t own L2P yet so can’t say for sure. On about 15-20% volume on my Spirit Dot 2, I got about 40 mins less battery life on right than on left. Idk if that difference would grow as volume increases though.

Maybe send service@soundcore.com an email and ask to make sure