Let's Hear from LÜM! | Announcing Our New Partnership

Hello Soundcore Collective!

You’ve heard of us, you’ve been excited, you may have even explored our expansive playlist already. And now, we’re here in person!

In case you’re still in the dark, let us illuminate you: we are LÜM. We’re a social music streaming and discovery community that’s changing the way independent artists connect with fans and peers. Our mission is to shine a light on talented independent artists and give them the tools to grow promotionally, artistically and financially.

Soundcore believes in this mission too, which is why our partnership is a no-brainer! As Soundcore’s exclusive streaming partner, we’re part of your Collective now, and we invite you to consider yourselves all part of the LÜM family. Thanks so much for bringing us on board and supporting the 100,000+ independent artists on our platform!

So, what makes LÜM different from other streaming platforms? The answer has to do with how music streaming works at its roots. Currently, the vast majority of content creators (especially independent creators, the largest segment) are underserved by traditional streaming services. Less than 0.5% of artists make a livable income from streaming royalties. What’s more, 94% of all streams feature less than 1% of the total tracks that have been produced.

Things will stay this way as long as streaming remains a totally passive experience; listeners tune in and tune out, having no meaningful interaction with the artists they listen to, the streaming structure feeding them that same 1% of acts over and over again. And without a way to interact directly with listeners, the majority of artists struggle to build relationships and convert those listeners into loyal fans. At LÜM, we want to change that.

By taking a music streaming platform and infusing it with the promotional power of social media, LÜM lets fans connect, discover, follow, and support the artists they love like never before. Our Virtual Gifting system, built right into the platform, lets users gift artists currency in the form of Notes. This allows artists to be suppoted directly by the people who listen to their music, without the need for a monolithic royalty structure that favors very few. And this innovation is only the beginning!

Expect to see more of us over the next few months, and we’ll be introducing more of LÜM and our family of artists to you. We’re working closely with the Soundcore team on some exciting ways to get all of you involved in making a positive impact on the lives of the creators who make our favorite music. Keep an eye out for announcements, coming soon!

In the meantime, fire up your Soundcore app and download LÜM from your app store of choice, and check out our amazing artists. Rediscover what it means to be a true music fan, and find your new favorite song today on LÜM !


I guess I’ll be the first on here to say welcome to the family! So glad you joined us and teamed up with Soundcore


Welcome … love the app… have not listen to a bad group yet


Welcome LÜM! Super excited to have you with us, and super grateful to have your player in the Soundcore app for everyone to try!


Welcome to the party, nice platform.

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Welcome aboard, and loving the playlists within the soundcore app.

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Wllcome. Unfortunately app not available for my country

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who are the winners in the headphone giveaway? did not see any announcement

Welcome to the community. I will have to give it a try. Mostly use Spotify and noticed a LUM channel. Is this part of your network?

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They announced it in the thread here earlier:

A little late here but welcome to the community!


Thanks for the warm welcome, Lawrence! We could not be more excited to join the Soundcore Collective and for all the big things we have planned moving forward!

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We do not directly associate ourselves with any channels on Spotify, but this is likely a LÜM user who has created a Spotify channel to highlight all of their favorite artists using LÜM!

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Thrilled is an understatement! So excited to see how this partnership flourishes and changes the industry as we know it.