Lets open the threads! (classical)

Hope I will be not a lonesome old audiophile.
But as I am now at Mozart’s early piano concertos (Alfred Brendel),
I feel there is a need (may be for me only)

Rather than classical, I think you may find that Speed Metal may help soothe your soul…
Maybe not…:crazy_face:

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Right now I’m listening to schuberts symphony’s 1-8.

Not listening to music. Listening to an audio book.

Earlier it was John Coltrane

Schubert is so great.
His impromptus D 899 op 90 are one of my favourites,
(Alfred Brendel or Maria Joa Pires as artists)

Did you ever try out Naxos?

You told me about, now I remember.
I forgot to take a look at.
Will do

I buy often CD at the flea market.
Yesterday I got Jonas Kaufmann’s Puccini CD for 1 Euro.
I have this rapped, so I gave it to my wife.