Level Up - Rewards and Requirements

Good to know that we can keep our equivalent levels from the other community…though it could have been fun trying to grow the levels again :slight_smile:

I already said it to Mac.
What a salvation, all old sins should be forgiven and forgotten. :rofl:

Here I was kinda moping over starting fresh having to run through 2 communities and Anker hits me with the old “But wait! Theres more…” :sweat_smile:

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You should really change your profile picture so we know who you are…although your name is a given Matt

Ahhh, I see. So since we Logged in, in both…it just happens automatically? Or are there extra steps.

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How can I know what level I’ll be?

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It says in the post that you will get equivalent points not exactly The same amount…

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thanks for the list.

I think it’s automatic at the beginning of October.


From what I understood, points/levels will transfer on 1st October.

Don’t know if points earned here will be added to that?

No Mac, they will be subtracted!
A little error in the system, as we are still in “beta version”. :rofl:

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I will be level -8. I will owe soundcore notes :joy:

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So does that mean I don’t need to put my wellies on (to go point farming lol)

The more you grow up here, the more you will be reduced.

From what I gathered, they will be added to your “double points” that are earned here throughout the month. Any points that were accrued prior to September 2nd on Ankers community will be added. It will be a surge of level ups for people.

Oh, and because you guys are already in the Anker Community, we’ve got a little treat for you. If you log into the Soundcore Collective now, you’ll take all your Experience Points from the Anker Community (earned before September 2nd) AND you will earn double registration Points and Notes (the equivalent of PowerBucks) for the whole of September.

Please be aware that: (1) your Anker Experience Points will transfer over at the start of a new month, (2) as Soundcore Points are structured differently, your equivalent points will transfer, which will be different to the exact amount of Anker Experience Points and (3) Anker PowerBucks do not transfer.

I questioned that as well and I guess they will not transfer over, probably because the Notes carry a lot more buying power here than they do for auctions and PD’s. I could only imagine people who hoard theirs getting them transferred into notes being that 500 notes is the equivalent to $100 coupons for the US side of things. I have seen people with 8k+ PB’s, so that would be simple for anyone to buy literally everything Soundcore has to offer lol


We might as well summon @Loz and @Chris.z25 to confirm

So far @Loz has been a lot more active then the anker community crew… I hope that continues :crossed_fingers:

Anyone know if the points are added based at a specific time? Started 2 threads today and shared a gallery photo and thread and all I am showing is “posted reply” points. I know the gallery ones are added at the end of the month, but anything I am sharing to Twitter is not showing at all today.

Thats asking a lot, but for you why not.