Liberty 2 pro Amazon deal (104)

Anker speaker that is really a soundcore product promoted several times is 30 dollar off. Liberty 2 Pro is like 5 dollars off of a new price point of that is 110 dollars. (I have seen this price change several times though)


Nice discount. Great share

Nice deal!

Nice find @Duane_Lester

Nice discount!
I was shocked when I saw Liberty Neo (converted) for $ 100 in the Polish Amazon, they went crazy!
I bought them for about $ 30 - Aliexpress

Yea I shared this deal on liberty 2ros couple days before this but glad more people share otherwise some make a stink about it and kinda make yourself look bad… know someone did that to me before when I was just tryin To be helpful to community and even after searching hadn’t noticed another member shared the same deal