Liberty 2 Pro and Liberty Air 2 | What’s The Difference?

Hi everyone,

Liberty 2 Pro and Liberty Air 2 true-wireless earbuds have been out for a few months now, so today I thought I’d compare them to help out those of you who are still undecided about which pair to choose.

How Do They Sound?
If you looked inside Liberty 2 Pro and Liberty Air 2 you’d notice that their drivers are completely different. That’s because Liberty 2 Pro uses our state-of-the-art Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture. It combines a customized Knowles balanced armature driver with an 11 mm dynamic driver into one single unit. The benefit? Interference is eliminated, the soundstage is expansive, and you can hear every detail of the song.

And don’t just take my word for it. Forbes described Liberty 2 Pro as “earbuds with attitude and plenty of bass” and “a superbly defined treble and a solid midrange to bring the soundstage to life, almost as if the music is coming from a pair of loudspeakers”.

On the other hand, Liberty Air 2 is equipped with diamond drivers—technology that has previously been used in high-end speakers. These drivers are ultra-lightweight, but rigid which allows them to vibrate with more precision, resulting in super-accurate sound.

How Long Can You Listen For?
Liberty 2 Pro offers a slightly longer playtime than Liberty Air 2 (although not by much). Check out the breakdown of the numbers below:

Liberty 2 Pro
Single Charge Playtime = 8 Hours

Total Playtime with Charging Case = 32 Hours

Liberty Air 2
Single Charge Playtime = 7 Hours

Total Playtime with Charging Case = 28 Hours

Both Liberty 2 Pro and Liberty Air 2 support fast-charging. Just place the earbuds in their charging cases for 10 minutes and you’ll get 2 hours of listening time—perfect for when you’re short of time.

And their charging cases support wireless charging, which is a great little bonus for those of you with a wireless charger lying around the house.

Is There an App?!
Yes! Both Liberty 2 Pro and Liberty Air 2 are fully supported by the Soundcore App—just go to the App Store or Google Play to download it.

What can you use the app for?

  • Choose from 22 preset EQ settings
  • Use HearID to create a personalized sound profile just for your ears (check out this excellent article by @Will which goes into lots of detail about how it works)
  • Customize the controls on the earbuds
  • Update firmware

What About Phone Calls?
To make calling a breeze, Liberty 2 Pro and Liberty Air 2 are equipped with 4 microphones and built-in cVc 8.0 noise reduction technology that enhances your voice and blocks out distracting background noises.

Personally, if you’re looking to buy earphones for making calls rather than listening to music, I’d recommend Liberty Air 2 as their shape has been optimized for calling. CNET also rated this feature, with the reviewer remarking “I was really impressed with their call quality… Callers said they could not only hear me well but, remarkably, they heard almost no background sounds and thought I was indoors.”

A Couple Of Other Differences:

  • Liberty Air 2 has touch control, whereas Liberty 2 Pro has actual buttons
  • Liberty Air 2’s charging case is smaller than Liberty 2 Pro’s
  • Liberty Air 2’s earbuds are IPX5 water-resistant, whereas Liberty 2 Pro’s are rated at IPX4.

So let’s have a poll, which true-wireless earphones do you prefer?

  • Liberty 2 Pro
  • Liberty Air 2

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And let me know which headphones you’d like to be featured next time by leaving a comment below!


Those are questions who can answer only those who got both models. :thinking:
Not me!

When purchasing one or the other, most people would do comparisons before trying, I preferred one over the other due to design, comfort, and ‘staying in place’. Also from YouTube reviews it is clear one sounds better than the other too

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I am the worst shopper at times for this reason. I am a big comparison shopper as I want to get the most out of what I am buying. If tech I want to find the hidden gems of tech items (although the Zune did not pan out, I still have a working 13 year old Zune). Whether it is waiting a month or so knowing that they will go on sale or waiting a few months after something comes out to make sure bugs are found and resolved (only on certain type of items). As I get older, I am more willing to get those must have items for my kids more than me except for earbuds. As time goes by at some point my hearing will start to go and I would rather have decent earbuds to counter any hearing loss that I will have in the future.


I prefer my liberty air 2 :man_shrugging:

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I prefer the Liberty 2 Pro as they have the hooks and it makes it seems there is more support in the ear.


Would love to try the Liberty Air 2’s. Was going to buy them with the voucher but not able

Interesting! I thought you would have chosen Liberty 2 Pro due to the tech aspect!

The liberty 2 pro sound is 5-10x better easily. But they don’t fit my ears better. That’s the only reason really.

Don’t have one of these but I’m making my decision based on my requirements, which is music along with call quality and as @Techman says I’m not sure if Pro’s are going to be locked in my ears. I have hard time using original Airpods too.
So, going with Liberty Air 2.

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Nice article @Hannah

I am in the market for call quality at the moment, which I find to be lacking in both the liberty neo and liberty lite sets I currently own. When’s the next big sale on the Air 2’s coming?! :wink:

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For someone who wanted to talk your not saying much at a time. Write in a paragraph or more of what you want to say.

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I prefer Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro and love the fitting and comfort on ears. Though I don’t have the Liberty Air 2, even if I get them, don’t think those would ever take place of L2P

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haha, i don’t know :joy: hopefully soon!

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I’ve always prefered the look/style of the Liberty 2 Pro. Just not a fan of the stems of the Air & other earbuds with that design.

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I like the fit of the LP2, I can listen to my iPad in my right ear and phone calls in my left without having the long steam hanging from my ear.