Liberty 2 pro app for windows 10

is there a way to get a Liberty 2 pro app for windows 10?

There is no Soundcore App for Windows 10, but it can pair via BT to Windows 10.

I would advice the below :

  1. Use Soundcore App on iOS / Android, update firmware, use Equalizer setting (HearID, Custom, Professional Grammy Producer’s choice EQ…) these EQ are stored on L2P even after these are disconnected from Soundcore App.

  2. Bluetooth pair the L2P to Windows 10 and listen to your music. If you plan to use a media player with EQ on Windows 10 such as Winamp (this is my favorite), then dont enable the EQ on Soundcore App in step 1.

Hope this helps!

@Shenoy gave a good option for you. I guess as window tablets become more popular they may add a app

Yes, most devices now only paired to either iOS or Android for settings