Liberty 2 Pro Better Wing Tips?

First off, I love my liberty 2 pro ear buds! Which speaks volumes coming someone who works in sales at Best Buy and having tried about half of the true wireless buds we carry. Simply can’t beat the price for features and sound quality!

My only question is if there are any developments on a different wing tip design that might hook in better? (e.g. Bose Soundsport Free-esque style tips.) I run with mine on the treadmill while watching TV shows and found myself having to adjust them constantly. And trust me, I’ve tried every tip combination and 180 degree turn possible! I’ve since then modified the large wing tips for a better hook by cutting it at the base and hooking it in manually as a temporary solution. (see image below.)


If there is any support or suggestions I’m more than welcome to them. Thanks in advance!

Check this thread out. this thread should have what you are looking for.

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Good thread, although I perfer the silicone inner ear tips instead of the foam ones. But what I’m actually referring to are the wing tips, the ones that have the loop and help retain on the outer ear.

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[Maybe this](Far End Gear BudLoks Earphone Sport Grips for in-Ear and Ear Canal Earbuds, Black I’ve tried these in the past but not on any of the liberty products. Maybe worth a shot?

Cool thanks, I’ll take a look at them.

Link didn’t work but seems like you are sorted

do they (Far End Gear BudLoks Earphone Sport Grips for in-Ear and Ear Canal Earbuds) work with the L2P?

Planning on buying some and try them out, but I’m sure I’m going to have to do some jimmy rigging to make them work. I wish soundcore would just hear my plea and manufacture some better wing tips though

I’ll be all sorted when one of the engineers sends me a couple pairs of wing tip prototypes hah