Liberty 2 Pro - Cannot hear myself in earbuds when having a phone conversation

I cannot hear myself in earbuds when having a phone conversation?
Is there a setting or configuration to enable this feature?

The experience I have is the feeling of being deaf while speaking.

For example: Air pilots can hear themselves in the headset while speaking into the microphone.

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I don’t know of any consumer use earbuds that do what you are asking.

I’ve got a commercial Plantronics headset on my desk that I use for business conference calls. It does have the microphone pass-through that you’re talking about.

Thank you very much for your reply Jeff!

The Liberty 2’s have great isolation from external sounds.
I will keep the right earbud in and remove the left earbud.


I don’t think there is a setting… at least I haven’t seen it. In the future, the feature you are referring to is called “sidetone”. So if you ever see an option for this in your settings, try adjusting it!

Hope this helps!

This is a pretty basic feature of most headsets phones. I also hate not hearing myself and find myself shouting a bit.

Edit: technically, it’s not a feature of the headset, since this works with wired headsets but it doesn’t make it less useful.

Hi there,

I’ve just got my hands on a pair of those beauties. Really good value for money! Well done Soundcore!!
However, as they are tailored towards phonecalls / business I find quite disappointing that within the Soundcore app there’s no “Sidetone” adjustment feature. Especially considering what a great job the eartips / design do in isolating any outside noise.
I often find myself raising my voice when on the phone.

At the moment what I do is simply take one of the earbuds off when I use them at work. This way my voice is not completely isolated.

The headphones that I use at home have a “digital” sidetone adjustment setting for when I connect them to a microphone.

I am quite sure that this feature wouldn’t be too complicated to add within the Soundcore app / firmware.
Could anyone from the Soundcore team confirm that?


Yes I would like to see this feature added as well if possible

Think “sidetone” should be a necessary feature. Never occured to me when sellecting the Liberty Air 2s. Great device for the money. Was in TV broadcasting for years. We had minus mix etc to avoid feedback etc but always heard ourselves over the headphones when turned on. Anker really needs to solve this. Not sure if the smartphone needs the option or the app needs to ad the function.