Liberty 2 Pro - Cannot hear myself in earbuds when having a phone conversation

I cannot hear myself in earbuds when having a phone conversation?
Is there a setting or configuration to enable this feature?

The experience I have is the feeling of being deaf while speaking.

For example: Air pilots can hear themselves in the headset while speaking into the microphone.

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I don’t know of any consumer use earbuds that do what you are asking.

I’ve got a commercial Plantronics headset on my desk that I use for business conference calls. It does have the microphone pass-through that you’re talking about.

Thank you very much for your reply Jeff!

The Liberty 2’s have great isolation from external sounds.
I will keep the right earbud in and remove the left earbud.


I don’t think there is a setting… at least I haven’t seen it. In the future, the feature you are referring to is called “sidetone”. So if you ever see an option for this in your settings, try adjusting it!

Hope this helps!