Liberty 2 Pro Case LEDS meaning

Sometimes when I put the two headphones in the case and close it the left and right LEDs flash, other times only the left one flashes. Is this flashing meant to indicate:
A) that the earphone/phones indicated is/are present inside the case and docked correctly.
B) That the earphone/phones indicated by the led is/are charging.
C) That the earphone/phones indicated by the led is/are fully charged.

This might help me work out why sometimes the right one doesn’t seem to power up and connect when taken out of the case. I will be getting a replacement at some point, and have just tried resetting and repairing so will see how that works out, but clarity on the above which isn’t detailed in the manual would be useful.

Anyone able to shed any light on this?

They really need a little more detail in the manual / on the case for a number of their products. I have the infini, and determining which light color goes with which input is not pleasant. And that is without being colorblind, lots of people will have trouble with that red / green distinction.

As I know,

A) when you close the case the LED on the case will flash to indicate the dock states, the left one for the left buds and the right one for the right buds. (the middle one don’t flash)

B) when the buds are charging, its LED will flash in period of 5s

C) you can only be notified when the buds are in low battery, you will find it flash red when you open the case.:thinking: