Liberty 2 Pro - connecting to Samsung TV - issues with connection dropouts

Been using Liberty 2 Pro buds since last week, and I’m satisfied with the product overall (mostly due to sound quality).
One issue I’m currently facing is when connecting with my TV , frequent dropouts when I change program in TV. I have to reconnect (like re-select the speaker Source to bluetooth again). This is quite annoying.
Any recommendations or suggestions are welcome. Thanks in adv.

Do you have this problem with other Bluetooth earbuds? And what other Bluetooth devices have you used with this setup?

I would try deleting the pairing and re-pair them to the TV. Also, make sure that no other Bluetooth speakers/phones/computers are on and trying to connect to either the TV or the LP2.

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I have used Samsung ones which never had any connection issues. Will try to remove old devices and reconnect pairing. Will let u know, thanks for the inputs

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Tried all options. deleting all devices. re-pairing Pro 2… at the end same story… they are lost w.r.t connection when I change a video… I will check with other Tv’s.

I took my first set back to Best Buy and the second set seems to work better, but I still haven’t been able to turn down the volume! The equalizer doesn’t come up in the app. I’ve deleted and reinstalled. I may be taking this set back, too.Dave B