I recently purchased the Liberty 2 Pro earpods from Amazon on a flash deal. I chose them due to Anker’s reputation and reviews saying how good the bass was with them - with so many good reviews saying the same thing how could I go wrong?

I am highly disappointed with the sound quality - they lack volume and bass. I had a cheap pair of Bluetooth earpods previously which I only had to had to have the volume on my phone set to near half to be approaching too loud. The Liberty’s need to be set at over 3/4 volume.
With regard to the bass, generally find the sound overall to be too high on the treble so sound tinny. I have tried the different EQ options in the Soundcore App and also used the HearID function to personalise but am still disappointed. My £15 wired earphones actually sound more alive.

I’m wondering if I have a duff pair as overall I do like the Liberty 2 Pro’s. Great build quality, USB C & wireless charging are great features.

If anyone is able to offer some help I would be grateful otherwise I may be returning these

Thank you

I had really the contrary feeling.
I made some changing via my eq (not app) and it was perfect after.
But at Christmas they were “stolen” by my daughter! :joy:
Better use for her 23 years old!

Well that doesn’t sound right at all. Straight out the box they shouldn’t be sounding tinny at all. The bass should be full and the treble should compliment it well. Overall they should be extremely ballenced.

I would say that you possibly do not have a propper fit of the eartips and earwings because the bass is definitely pronounced and noticeable even at lower volumes. But if you do not have a good proper seal in your ears then it will be lost to the world


I agree with @Tank. If you do not tweak the earbuds ,and earwing you may be hearing the true sound. If you continue to have the same issue after adjusting you earbuds, and redoing your sound test again. You may need to contact support potentially.

@TechMan had commented he can’t get them to fit, so that may be your problem as well. Hope you can get it sorted.

I have found this to be the case with both the Liberty Neo and Liberty Lite. I think they have the volume indexed a bit low to be honest, which might influence some of the other problems you have.

I’ve found the same with the Liberty 2. I have to keep my phone volume at 100% volume, anything less and the Liberty’s don’t get loud enough if there is any real ambient noise. I have tried all the earwings and tips, and have gone with the most comfortable. I don’t have an issue with the bass but the volume definately seems low. I also have a pair of Skullcandy Indy’s and they are noticeably louder (also have more bass) but they only have half the battery life.

Very odd, but in that case, I would file a 30-day money-back guarantee claim if I were you. Maybe yours has a defect or something.

Is it something to do with EQ settings??

May be.
I would try to lower some trebles first.

This hissing got a special frequency,
so there should be improvements by using a good eq.

I dont know if the app has as much possibilities to play around.

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You’ll need root for this now, but if you want something that is extremely powerful try downloading Viper4Android module with Magisk. If you do not have root try searching for audio equalizer on the play store for example.

I personally always root my phone for customisation like audio mods

PS. Don’t attempt it unless you know what your doing anyways about none root needed audio equalizers don’t think they can cause damage they might though. Probably if you get a volume booster of course that’s exceeding it’s intended output.

Honestly, I don’t see the need for Viper with the liberty 2 pros. I myself have helped with a few Android audio mod teams (I was in the ARISE team before the mod was abandoned, and I’m friends with the developers of Viper 2.7.x and Ainur, JamesDSP, and the DTS ports(I’m Skittles9823 everywhere))

I’ve tried Viper, both DTS ports, Ainur Narsil, pretty much all mods that currently work on Android Q and they all end up making the liberty 2 pros sound worse, although Narsil can’t really be blamed as it just removes audio effects the device manufacturers add.

Currently Guitardedhero is back to porting Dolby Atmos and I’ve been testing a port for Android Q although it doesn’t work yet so he’ll be trying to port from a different device, the UI loaded and that’s a huge step, I’m excited to see how it performs with the liberty 2 pros.

Sorry to hear that. I recommend reaching out to to see if they can help. We’ll happily honour our 30-day returns policy if you’re unhappy for whatever reason.

The app update today added custom eq - icing on what I see as an excellent cake.


What app version? I’ve not got an update on Google Play yet.

Regarding it sounding tinny, you could try to increase the mid frequencies from 250hz up (try 400 and 800 on the Soundcore Custom Equalizer).
As for the bass, these are tight and punchy (i want to say very). even the Meze 99 Classics, known for its bassy sound signature, is not as tight sounding to me (even though it has its pros).

i believe all you need to do is boost the mid frequencies, assuming you don’t have a defective pair and you have the proper fit.

the earbuds also have good imaging, and maybe even better soundstage than other earbuds.

if it is hissy, maybe try to decrease 12.8k on the soundcore app. if it sounds lifeless, maybe try to increase the 6.4k on the soundcore app.

personally, all i feel like i need to adjust is to increase the mids a bit. the bass is really good/unique with this earbud and it is quite balanced and accurate.

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Thank you everyone for the replies. I just wanted to update you all on my experience with my Liberty 2 Pro’s.

I have persevered with them - experimented with different ear buds for fit and played with the EQ settings. I am sticking with them as generally they are sounding great. Not sure if I have found the best settings etc or am just getting used to them but certainly improved over when I first got them.

I sometimes find the volume to be a little lacking especially when watching Netflix on the bus to/from work but music is better.

Certainly have no regrets in deciding to buy these.

Once again thanks for all your suggestions

:smiley: :notes:

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My L2P are one of the first batches without any hissing noises. Never had any problems with them, luckily. :+1:
My phone is a OnePlus 3T with Android 9 (stock OxygenOS) and I observed two different volume control behaviours depending on the setting “disable absolute volume” which can be found in the developer options. See this link:

First scenario: “disable absolute volume” turned off
If I turn off the setting “disable absolute volume” then the earbuds and my phone share a common volume setting. Meaning when I use the earbuds’ buttons to adjust the volume then the bluetooth volume control in my phone also changes. I need to set the volume to 50-60% to get a decent volume level in a quiet environment and around 70-80% on the streets.

Second scenario: “disable absolute volume” turned on
If I turn on the setting “disable absolute volume” then my earbuds have an independent volume control (after reconnecting), meaning the bluetooth volume control in my phone doesn’t change when I use the earbuds’ buttons to adjust the volume. You need some music or video running while adjusting the volume using the earbuds’ buttons. You can’t see the current volume setting of the earbuds but can hear the volume turning up and down when using the buttons. The earbuds can be set from level 0 (no sound) to 16 (max volume), I counted the number of levels. I get a decent volume level when I set my earbuds to level 16 and my phone’s bluetooth volume to around 50%. Turning up both volume controls to 100% could make me go deaf, seriously! It feels like going far beyond 110 dB and it really hurts in my ears! I recommend to set the earbuds to something like level 12 and the phone to 60%. That’s very loud in a quiet environment. On the streets you’ll need something like level 12 on your earbuds and 70-80% on your phone. For the HearID test I recommend to turn up the earbuds to level 16 and your phone to 100% to get accurate results. Don’t forget to turn down both volume controls again if you don’t want to accidentally go deaf. :hear_no_evil:
I recommend using the developer feature “disable absolute volume” if you still experience lacking volume but be careful with maximum settings. It could seriously injure your eardrums.

To fix the lacking bass experience I guess you need bigger ear tips. At first I used the medium sized ear tips and wasn’t happy with the bass level at all. Then I tried the next bigger ones and it made a HUGE difference. A good seal is extremely important for tremendous bass. The bass level was even too overwhelming when using the EQ settings R&B, Electronic or Soundcore Signature. So I switched to my HearID profile which only increases treble and the sound was well balanced and I could listen to bassy music (EDM, Trap, R&B) for hours without fatigue.


Glad to hear they are working well for you, fit really does matter.