Liberty 2 Pro firmware update?

So a while ago (like 2 weeks ago) I was using them at work when I got notified of a firmware update, to 1.15. I tried to update them, but they were too low on battery to initiate, fair enough. After work I charged them and tried to initiate another update, but there was no update available anymore. I’m still on 1.09. Any help?

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Not sure on this instance, but sometimes companies sometimes withdraw firmware updates if there is an issue, this is so they can work on the firmware more to correct any issues with a potential update.

Firmware 1.15 just went back live yesterday I believe
“Bug fixes”

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Still no transparency mode.

If you aren’t seeing the option for updating. Check it with support. They can confirm if an update is available and help you get the update to your device if its needed.

I was having issues installing 1.15 previously (“an error occurred” between 50 and 75% complete). I see now that my right bud is 1.15 but my left is still 1.09. Still fails with same error, and worse, the app can’t be used at all because there’s no way (at least on my Pixel 2XL) to back out of the firmware update screen.

@wipeout have you tried resetting the buds by placing them in the case and holding the case button until the buds flash red? Might help

Tried it the first time the 1.15 update was available and tried again this time…no dice.

We are having the same issue. Mine the left got updated to 1.15 but the right is still in 1.09. The app is useless since I cannot go back the automatic firmware screen once it connects. I have attempted like 50 times to update and it always fails. What can be done in this situation?

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Another idea, might not work though.

Can you try just one bud in the case with the other turned off, see if the firmware can update singularly for the over showing v1.09?

Great idea! But just tried it and it did not work. Both buds need to be connected in order to access the firmware upgrade screen. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi Everyone, I got my Liberty 2 Pro today, loaded the Soundcore app and was asked to update to v1.15.
This update failed many times at different percentages, but never beyond 73%. I tried the update on LG and Huawei Android and Apple IOS. I remain trapped on the app update page with the Left bud on v01.15 and the Right bud as v01.09. I have reset the buds in their case. Also cleared the app cache and data. Uninstalled the app and re-installed. None of which works. The buds work just fine for me but I really want to change the button setting to enable volume control, a feature that I would prefer by default rather than the Assistant.

Is it planned to be added?

For all of us developers a change log with the notes “Bug Fixes” is a joke. Please be verbose and transparent about changes, it really isn’t hard and goes a LONG way with your customers.

When it simply said “Bug Fixes”, obviously something they don’t want the customers to know.

Hey, i just got mine today. Working fine so far, but i cannot update the firmware!
My Liberty 2 Pros are on 1.09, the app shows the 1.15 update but everytime i hit install it aborts with an error (always the generic message, no further details).
Sometimes it aborts immediately, sometimes it goes for 3-4%. It evens seems to remember the previous progress and the next try starts at 4% and then goes to 7% or something like that.
But after some rounds of this the progress resets to actually 0…and goes to 3% or something like that.
If already reset them, but that didn’t change anything.

What can I do?

I am using the iOS app

Did anyone have any luck? I still can’t get mine to update, it usually fails at somepoint and then my left wont connect/turn on until i reset it

does anyone get latest firmware update of L2P? V 1.22
what does it change?

Hi. Delete the Soundcore App & restart your device, reset the earbuds (whilst in the case press and hold the button until the earbuds flash red), re-pair & reinstall app.

That should clear any damaged update & it will start again.

Have there been any updates on successful firmware updates. I just bought mine and first had a heck of a time with my phone connecting for earbuds but now that it is, the app still want update. I get to 70% then I get the error. I have done all the rests and cycles.

The earbuds without the app work great as a pair and in mono mode.