Liberty 2 Pro intermittent connection issue

I just got my first pair of Soundcore. I have many wireless ears buds and I gotta say I am impressed. The sound quality is amazing!
Now onto my problem. I am having occasional clipped dropped music. Very short cut-outs but very annoying.
Anyone have ideas for this? I am running android 11 on my Samsung phone.

I actually have 2 issues. I also have issues with calls. The voice I am talking to jumps back and forth continually. Very bad making these earbuds unusable for phone calls.

Help please

You can contact ifcthings do not work out here.

Check BT and the cog wheel. It will give you options for the call and audio to have on or off.

Unsure of drop off. What are you listening to and where at? Ie youtube…

Hello and Thank you for your reply.
I have checked and both call and audio are turned ok.
I am using Spotify. Been using it with many different wireless earbuds.

Thank you

First rule of fight club…

Delete all pairings and reset everything, wipe Android cache.

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I would follow @The_Professor info if you have not done that yet.

The occasional clipped dropped music, if I got it right, I am going to take a potential guess at it.

I am wondering did you walk away from the device you were using or it. At a certain point I have had a potential drop in the sound when listening to the soundcore app and I have either had some of their earbuds with not as good BT in them with this issue or I been cutting grass in the Spirit dots 2 and was walking away from the device (ie set my phone on a table as I cut grass near it).

May have been similar if the device was near you but you were going away from the wifi signal and it was getting weaker.

For the most part those are two that comes to mind at this point. My other thought is it could be a weak wifi signal from your provider. I have had times when we would lose connection just from a little storm at times as well. (so line interference could slow down the Spotify connection)

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Well the clipped signal has not happened again. I suppose it could of been interference in that certain area I walk to that’s close to home. I haven’t tried a call again but that will happen tomorrow. I will let you all know if I can reproduce these issues.


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I have tried calling again. The voice that comes thru jumps back and forth from one side to the other and pops, cracks

Hi, sorry to learn about the issue with your Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro, in order to further pinpoint the issue, could you please reset your earphones via the steps below to see if it helps at all:

  1. OPEN the charging case;
  2. Press and hold the button behind the charging case for 10 seconds. The LED indicators of the earbuds will flash red 3 times and then the right LED rapidly flash white

If it doesn’t help, please drop an email to "" by detailing the issue and order# for ay further warranty assistance.

I have tried this today, multiple times and it does the same thing. The voice coming thru jumps back and forth from left to right continually. When I pair it asks me to pair each earbud and I do but the left is never actually turned on. The bluetooth list does not have it lit up blue.
What else should I try?

Thanks for trying some troubleshooting already. It seems that your Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro is unusual, and we would love to help you with the warranty claim.

For the warranty details, could you please drop an email to "" by detailing the issue and order# for ay further warranty assistance? No worry, we always stand behind our product and will try our best to help you out.

I have sent the email.

Thank you for your help

Hope your earbuds gives you plenty of good sounding music for you.

Thank you
I have been very impressed with the sound quality. The drivers are very nice but that app they have really does make the biggest difference. I wish some of the other companies would realize this. My Buds Pro, Buds plus and even my Sennheiser Momentum 2 could benefit from such a versatile app like Soundcore has.
BTW a technician has already got my return rolling. There response time was top notch!!

They are pretty quick in their responses most times. May have a delay when it is close to the weekend.