Liberty 2 Pro issues with volume control

Hi everyone
I have been a fan of Anker for a while now owning Soundcore 2, Coundcore Motion+ and now Liberty 2 Pro
I have been very happy with sound quality and connectivity and battery life but I cannot config the control though the app to change my volume up or down. I use Oneplus 7 Pro and I have tried reset the buds but no use. Is there an issue with my buds ? when I change the setting from volume control to any other functions they just work (assistant, pause, skip forward or back) but not the volume up or down. This sounds like a software or firmware issue to me. I ran the currently latest 1.09. Anyone has the same issue while using BOTH buds? Joseph

Are you trying to use the volume up/down with just 1 earbud? If so then it will not work, both earbuds need to be paired and used at the same time in order to set and use the volume controls.

Hey Tank I used both buds and already tried to reprogram the control several times now.