Liberty 2 Pro Linking Issues


I have been using Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro in ear buds for a while now and I’ve had connectivity issues in the past but nothing I couldn’t solve by resetting, re-pairing etc. However I seem to have a bigger issue that I can’t solve.

In the app it tells me that both buds aren’t connected and that is reflected by sound only coming from one ear when playing music or on calls etc.

I have tried resetting the buds, forgetting them on the devices I’m trying to connect but I can’t get both ear buds to connect and work in harmony. No matter what I try.

If it helps, the right ear seemed to “freeze” and had a light purple / violet solid LED until I put them in the case, held the button for ten seconds and they performed a reset.

Has anyone experienced anything similar and can point me in the direction of some support?



I’ve had connectivity issues with my Life A2NC buds, but without the purple light that you describe. To clear it I’ve had to restart my phone and delete the buds from the Bluetooth profile list and start all over again before they reconnected.
TBH I think it’s just an issue with Bluetooth itself that has never been resolved from day 1, as every phone I’ve owned has similar issues with Bluetooth devices.

what phone?

Thank you. I’ll reset everything and also reinstall the app but it seems to be a problem when connecting to my laptop too. I can have one ear or the other but they aren’t “talking” to each other to work as a pair.

Very frustrating, they were working fine yesterday.

This does happen often, the fix is phone dependent, which phone?

iPhone 12 Pro Max but i don’t think that’s the complete picture unless the app is setting the buds up incorrectly.

I can’t connect to them from my laptop or ipad either. The 2 buds don’t seem to want to talk to each other then connect to whatever is the source.

OK so you’ve have the buds for a while and it’s an iPhone.


  • leave buds out of case and disconnected so they power off. Then clean the buds pins with isopropyl alcohol, leave to dry, repeat until there is no evidence of grease coming off them when wiping.
  • clean the pins on the case where the buds are, repeat til clean, then leave to dry.
  • look for evidence some of the pins are not protruding normally there should be 4 same height. If one looks lower then press release repeatedly during cleaning of case.
  • plug case into power and leave connected to power.
  • after buds are sure are dried and case sure is dry, put buds in case.
  • check they both show signs of charging.
  • delete phone pairing, turn phone Bluetooth off, reboot phone.
  • follow buds reset instructions.
  • don’t take buds out, leave alone in case for a few minutes after reset.
  • close case, wait, open case
  • phone Bluetooth on, pair on phone.

See what happens.

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Thank you so much. I had a look around and I think you might be onto something with the contacts. I’ve cleaned them already but they don’t seem to “seat” normally.

I’ll update when I’ve hopefully made some progress.

Thanks again for the very detailed reply.

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If one is recessed then just gently press with qtip dipped in isopropyl alcohol and let it release, repeat. Grime could have got from buds to case and effectively rusted over time, it should be recoverable with gentle cleaning and patience. Don’t flood with alcohol, little+wipe+dry+repeat+patience.

Also simply look for anything in case or on pins which could be interfering with the contact.