Liberty 2 Pro only playing sound through one earbud at a time

I have had my liberty 2 pros for a week or so and they’ve worked fine until the other day when I was only getting audio through one earbud. They both show as connected on my iPhone but in the Soundcore app it only shows one as connected. I have tried forgetting the device in my Bluetooth settings and reconnect, switching them off and on and re-pairing, deleting and reinstalling the app, nothing appears to work.

When I have sound through one earbud and I press the button on the other, the music still stops, and then if I press the same bud again, the sound comes through that one. If I repeat the process again with the other bud, the sound comes through that one again! So they are both connected but sound only coming through one at a time.

Any help appreciated!!!

Try to reset them. Make sure you delete the Bluetooth connection to your phone.

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Assuming they are both fully charged and the case is as well?

Did you update firmware through the app?

They are a little finicky… right one is the master so, depends on order that you put them in too.

Did you have either connected to another device?

Sorry for all the questions just trying to RC your issue :thinking:

If nothing works contact

That did the job! Thank you!! :blush:

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