Liberty 2 Pro Primary -> Secondary role transfer to equalize battery drain?

Kind of touching on the battery life of the Liberty 2 Pros that I think was mentioned a bit in other topics, I’m still getting up to 4 hours out of a single charge after 2 years of ownership so not that miffed or anything but when checking out the buds within the mobile app whenever the primary (usually the right bud for me) begins to run low on battery and notifies me the secondary has more than 80% of its battery still available. I’ve attempted to reproduce this with the left bud (having the left bud pair first with the right bud off) and it seemed to exhibit the same behavior . I imagine this is because the primary does more processing on its end.

I was wondering if it’s possible to have the buds exchange roles as primary and secondary when the detected battery life on the primary is < 50% of the secondary while the secondary and primary are still both at > 25% available battery life (to avoid frequent swapping at lower battery levels)? If the buds could do this you’d get much more life out of a single charge.

Is it possible for the current firmware with a software tweak, and is it possible to do so with no drop out or interruption to the audio stream?

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Interesting concept but think it would have a pause though

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