Liberty 2 Pro protective case?

So I was scrolling through Amazon stuff as I am on a meeting and saw this case. It is a generic case that I think they put a L2Pro or super imposed a L2Pro into it. I thought two things stuck out to me on this and I found this funny.

  1. They blurred out the logo and name on the earbuds. LOL

  2. My second thing that caught me as funny was one of the bullet points that said "If the Soundcore Liberty case doesn’t fit or break within one year, Geekria will replace or refund. No question asked. "

Other than those comments it did not seem to be that badly priced.

I feel like having a case that goes around the actual earbud case would be better instead of a bag you put the case into.

Feel the same but with the sliding cases, it is harder to have that.

That’s true forgot the pros have the sliding case, but I think it would work well with the air 2 case

True that. I think they make them for the neos but do not think it is for air 2 yet