Liberty 2 pro review and tips

Hey everyone, I pre ordered the Liberty 2 pro and have been using them for one week. I am a music lover and I care for sound quality very much. Here are my thoughts about these buds.

Sound quality
Overall sound quality is very good comparing to other TWS buds. Strong bass and decent highs are the main merits of these buds, but recessed mids is what I think needs improved. So I tried to use EQ to adjust the sound energy distribution. I tried all the default EQ as well as the hearID and found the best EQ for my ears is the piano, which elevated the mids. But there seems a tiny lack of bass when using the piano EQ set, so I also tweak the EQ from the music player app to raise a little dB for 50hz to 120hz. Why not using the hear ID? I will explain in the next section. I also have the samsung gear iconx 2018, and had samsung galaxy buds for 2 weeks and returned. The liberty 2 pro sounds way better than the gear iconx. The reason I still keep the gear iconx is that it offer onboard storage for songs, so I can just wear the buds without phone when jogging. I hope any TWS buds can offer the onborad storage, I really like this feature. For the galaxy buds, they sound good too, but has bluetooth signal issue. I cannot even put my phone in my pocket when I use the galaxy buds, or there will be signal cut. Anyway, the sound from galaxy buds is good, especially the resolution (which is the detail of the music) is very good, maybe a little better than Liberty 2 pro.

Hear ID
For the hear ID, I think the concept is good, but the actual result is not so well. The hear ID tests 6 section from high frequency to low frequency to adjust the EQ according to your own hearing profile. The idea is great, however, I have 2 problems with this. 1, I cannot have accurate results. The tests generate a sound with volume decending, and ask me to hit the button immediately when I just not hearing the sound. I think the volume decending speed is too fast. I cannot hit the button very accurate, so the overall results cannot be accurate. I tested several times and yield different EQ pattern. I applied the results and no one is better than the default piano EQ for me. 2, from the design of this hear ID, I feel it is like a 6 band EQ adjustment, each band has several levels of adjustment, like ±3db, 6db, etc. I think this is too rough. There should be more bands, like 10 bands, or more precisely, variable bands, like 395hz for example. And the tests process can be more sophisticated and thorough, to yield a more accurate EQ adjustment only to your own ears. I like to share an example, the following link is an EQ project held by some genius from Github,

This page is the result for senheiser HD800. You can have an idea what is a real working EQ looks like. By the way, I have HD800 and I applied the EQ and man, it is a better sound than not using the EQ. You get my point, I want as more accurate as it can be achieved, for the EQ to have the ultimate sound profile.

Connectivity and signal quality and range
For single device connection, the connect is easy and stable. Once open the buds case, it will start connecting and about 5 seconds it will connected. The signal is stable, I occasionally have signal cut but it won’t bother me much. The signal range is also good, I can leave my phone in one room and get signal on another floor, about 4-5 rooms away. The delay is OK for youtube, barely noticable. But delay for game is still huge, not recomment for serious gaming using TWS buds.
For multiple device connection, these buds are flimsy. They can only connect to the most recent device automatically. For example, if most recently the buds were used with my phone, and now I want to use it with my laptop. I turn off the bluetooth on my phone, turn on the bluetooth on my laptop, open the buds case, and it won’t auto connect to my laptop. I need to search and manually connect from my laptop. OK, then next time when I open the case, the buds can auto connect to my laptop. But again if I want to use them with my phone, it won’t auto connect. I need to search from my phone and manually connect. Oh man. My Honda accord can automatically switch between multiple devices, but this buds cannot. By the way the samsung buds are no better than this one. They all sucks for multiple devices switch. So I decided I will use soundcore with my phone and gear iconx with my laptop.

My phone is LG V30. And each time the buds connects, the default bluetooth codec is AAC. I need to manually choose AptX from my phone. I see other people using Samsung S10 can have default AptX. Maybe this is about the phone, not the buds. I do feel sound quality from AptX is better than AAC, not to mension SBC.
And I do hear the background noise. It is not bothering me much. And soundcore promised to exchange for a normal one later when they are ready. The customer service from soundcore is good. They respond timely and they do listen to my complaints. I appreciated the attitude.

Sum up
The soundcore liberty 2 pro is very good at its price range. I recommend it. If you read my whole article and you can see my expections are high. My dream TWS buds should have good sound quality, auto multiple device switch, onboard storage, and accurate EQ or even auto EQ (Given apple airpods pro uses a microphone inside the ear canal to help the real time DSP, so in the future the auto EQ should be possible) .

Right now I am satisfied with the buds I have, and I will wait the industry to bring me my dream TWS buds. I hope soundcore can do it again.




Thanks for your honest, in depth review!

Btw I doubt that the auto EQ from AirPods pro actually works very well. I can’t see something like that actually being as good as customizing your own EQ.

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Thanks for the in Depth review and your thoughts on the sound quality.

Nice review with a great job comparing different products. This is great because I haven’t seen a lot of reviews that compare other products in the wireless earbud market. Thank you for that!

Thanks for the in-depth review @jasonlookhope :slightly_smiling_face:

Some great feedback! I’ll forward to the team :slight_smile: