Liberty 2 Pro Review from Android Central

I’ve been doing a little research and trying to decide if I want a pair of Spirit X2 or Liberty Pro 2 for my gym earbuds (I just got the Liberty Air not sure how much I like them). The reviews are from the community are great, and the professional reviews from the pros are interesting but they could be better…

I decided to hit up the tech sites and read what they have to say. I didn’t find much on the Spirit X2 so I might have to get a pair just to review :slight_smile:

As to the Liberty 2 Pros I found a couple of good ones. The one from Android Central caught my eye. Have you guys read this and what are your thoughts on it?

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Yeah it’s a good read, as far as the ambient or as others would call transparency mode it is a feature that’s coming according to Soundcore and will be available via firmware update.
I love and hate mine, love them for the sound and hate them for the static noise I have…but I can overlook that sometimes and block it out, but not always which is why Its anoying

@Tank, where did you see that information?

It would nice if transparency mode would come in firmware upgrade.

And active noise cancellation would be nice, if that works now with phone calls also. But even passively these filter noise pretty well.

When they had their onboarding event when they revealed these headphones they said transparency mode will be available via firmware update at a later date. Its being worked on and refined and should eventually be released.

But as far as noise cancelling, these have passive noise cancelling by sealing in your ear. We won’t see that change due to the signal processor and chip would have to already be installed and activated

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In a interview with the Soundcore music engineers of the Liberty 2 Pro they had said the transparency mode would be coming later as a firmware update.

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Thank you for that info!
Passive NC works pretty well TBH, not missing that currently. Transparency mode is much better addition.

And thanks for video link @Thanuj_Fernando

Nice review and good information when considering ear buds.