Liberty 2 Pro Right bud low volume

Hi all,
My liberty 2 Pro was working perfectly, I used with my iPhone and android and both works fine. But one day while I using it in full volume with my iPhone right earbud’s volume suddenly became very low (roughly about 50%). :cry: First I thought that the battery was low, but even after fully charged issue was not gone. :neutral_face:

I was so confused and tried everything to recover this because I absolutely love the sound quality of these pair. I tried many things but I couldn’t recover them yet, so I need help from you guys.

Please note following things.

  1. I tried resetting the pair by press and holding the pairing button for 10 secs until red blinking appears in buds.
  2. There are no earwax or anything like that blocking the speaker path, I’m 100% sure about that. Also this was happened while I was listening to the music; not when I using them after a while or something like that. So earwax had nothing to do with this.
  3. I tried pairing with few various devises such as my windows laptop, my android, IOS phone and few other my friends phones. I always reset the my device each time before I pairing with any new other device.
  4. Tried changing settings on Soundcore IOS and Android app of each device.
  5. Unit is currently updated to latest firmware version, which is Version 01.28 and no new update is available according to the app.
  6. I tried fully discharging the buds by leaving them to play music overnight, and then charging them for 2 mins from the case (Btw I didn’t fully discharge the case) and resetting and pairing them freshly with my phone. But it also didn’t worked.
    I’m hoping this must be some software issue and if is there any method to re flash the firmware to the buds this might be resolved.

I’m so desperate now, please help me to recover this issue. :neutral_face:

This is really a question for the support.
if the buds are covered by the warranty, there is a chance to get a replacement.
Good luck.

Warranty claiming is not possible. I have lost my bill and bought these more than year ago so the warrantymay be end now.
Any other idea?

No, may be others have.

I’ve heard that these are working as one bus as master and other one as slave. Is there any method to unpair them and repair? Hoping then the settings will reset.
Or is there any bluetooth chip or any controlling chip in the case? I didn’t try fully discharging it.
Any suggestions ?

Not looking optimistic but let’s try.

You say its not wax but you never mentioned cleaning them. Did you? The method involves hydrogen peroxide, you soak a cotton qtip and press against the mesh, let it soak in, then clean tip remove it. Let it dry. Repeat until what comes off is clear.

Resetting these won’t fix this low volume problem.

It happening while using is consistent with earwax, as placing buds in ear raises the buds temperature and wax already within becomes softer and moves so blocking sound. As it’s the wax already deep within which does the blocking you can’t fix it by an external clean / examination.

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I would contact customer service by email
They are helpfull and will give an advice on haw to flash those (if it’s possible)

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If cleaning doesn’t work, I’d contact Customer Service.

PS The warranty is 18 months.

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Hi all, there is a good news for you.
I’m so happy to inform you that my buds are now working fine. Crystal clear as before. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I am so stubborn guy, everyone told me that I should clean them first before any other troubleshooting.
But since there were no even tiny bit of wax seen on the metallic looking mesh, I thought cleaning won’t be necessary. Also because this issue was happened while I was using them, I thought fault must be on hardware issue or software, not wax problem. But anyway, since I have already tried many things, I decided to try cleaning them anyway.

As the The_Professor advised, I tried cleaning the buds with some isopropyl alcohol (I couldn’t find hydrogen peroxide) even there are no any sign of ear wax in any bud.

The metallic looking mesh absorbed every bit of alcohol, then I kept them up side down hoping if anything melted inside, they will come out. But nothing came.
Anyway I left them under my table fan for 20mins and then played song from them. Oh my godd :dizzy_face: right bud started to working… :crazy_face:

I felt so stupid and I felt so sad about myself, I could have recover them way sooner if I won’t become such stubborn. :neutral_face:
As The_Professor mentioned, ear wax must be melt and went inside the bud and some how suddenly blocked the driver.
However this is a good lesson for me. :slightly_smiling_face: for listen others advices.

Thank you everyone who helped me (specially The_Professor) to recover my buds, and thank you soundcore community forum. If I hadn’t post the problem here, I may have thrown away my buds.
Thank you anker for making such quality products. These are wayy better than my friend’s earpods pro. Anker rock :sunglasses:


Glad it worked!

So if you’d said different things I’d say different things. If you said it was silent would have gone down route of reset. But as you said just quiet meant it had to be wax.

The problem will return. You only moved the wax within, have not removed so when you warm the wax up via wearing them the wax will move and block it again, you need to actually dissolve it and soak up the dissolved wax.

Periodic cleaning is recommended as it stops the wax from getting so deep inside they can’t respond to cleaning.

So to repeat, you need to use a solvent which won’t damage the materials of the bud, which is ideally hydrogen peroxide. Soak cotton tip, press into bud. Leave it in a while to dissolve the wax. Then place a dry clean cotton tip next to to soak up the dissolved mixture. Repeat until what comes off the dry bud is clear no orange/brown. As dissolving works faster under heat, best to hold the buds mesh side up in closed hand while soaking in and then hold bud mesh side down when soaking out.

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Noted. I will try again with hydrogen peroxide again. I will try using my sisters hair dryer carefully to heat a little bit. Since these were never cleaned before I will fully clean them for sure.
I left this buds away about a month now due to this issue. I’m extremely happy and thank you so much for the guidance. :handshake:
I’m so glad I met this site, If not these buds will be thrown away. Anker rocks :love_you_gesture: :sunglasses:


No don’t use hair dryer to clean, just body heat, as the air dryer will just push the wax in further.

Just heat, gravity.

A closed hand for example, hold the bud with the mesh up to solvent in, mesh down to solvent out.

The ear canal is shaped like this

What is Earwax?

Gravity and heat got the stuff into the bud, keep working with that to get it out.

Humans are not symmetric, so one ear will do harm to buds faster, whichever had issue first will have it return first.

Glad to hear your issue solved


Noted. No hair dryer.
Thank you again for your advice. :handshake:

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Thank you all for the support given.

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