Liberty 2 pro right do not connect, reset do not work

I have bought this product yesterday Soundcore liberty 2 pro.
I did not have any problems with connecting to my HTC U ultra.
Then I upgraded firmware and listen music a little time.
Then I out them to case, close and connect to notebook by firm cable.
After a few hours I take left ear head from case, turned on it and it connected to phone.
I took right ear head from case and turned on. But right ear head did not work and dod not connect to phone.
I tried many ways to connect, tried to reset – but a could not to fix this.

Now when I turn on both ear heads the left one connect to phone, but right one flashes slowly and turn off automatically. When i open the case ear heads do not turn on automatically.

The reset button does not work even I push it more 60 sec.

Please help what I need to do for fixing my problem?

Are you resetting them like this or just pushing the button on the back? Also delete the Bluetooth profile off your phone before reset.

Yes. I did it many times.

Now I made it also.

  1. I disconnect bluetooth L2P. I do not have possobilities for deleting profile in my phone. But when i disconnect - L2P Left earheads disappear from bluetooth list.

  2. I put earheads (they were turned off) into case. I saw that the lights flash solid.

  3. I closed the case before the lights turned off and wait 15 sec.

  4. I opened the case and did not take earheads from case. I saw that the earheads lights did not flash.

  5. I pushed button on the back diring 15 sec. I saw that the lights did not flash at all.

I hope i did it right. Help please.

I know the last time I had to reset my wife’s it took a couple tries for some reason… If you can’t get it then you will need to contact