Liberty 2 Pro Shipping Date?

Wondering if anyone knows when the Liberty 2 Pros will be shipping? I was of the belief they were shipping October 8th however it’s now the 8th and my order is still ‘Processing’.


Should ship anytime. I know other people’s earbuds have already shipped

This is from the soundcore website. When did you order them?

Makes no sense why they didnt clump up the early bird orders all together.

Given how many people ordered, it doesnt surprise me that they are sending them out in batch waves.

I ordered 27th, was hoping it’d slip into the first batch rather than jump up by 10 days :frowning:

My current BT earbuds are crapping out.

You never know, they may just be able to get them out to you sooner rather than later. All depends on how many orders they have had

Also since the OP ordered so early anyway, I would assume their order would be one of the first.


Mine was ordered on the 26th and still processing.

Hmm, that’s weird. Most people who ordered on the 26th should be getting theirs today…

I think shipping was supposed to start today. Was expecting I may get the delivery tomorrow. I guess I’ll sit and wait at the window in anticipation.

I also ordered during the first 2 days and I’m hoping mine ship soon - I want to be able to play with them next weekend. Would be great to get an update from the Soundcore team here.

Well it doesn’t sound like yours have shipped yet…

I pre-ordered right away on 09/26.

Yesterday evening, the status of the order changed from ‘Processing’ to ‘Shipped’

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Glad to see some are going out. Any UK orders seen movement?

UK order here. Ordered 26th September early on but not shipped yet

I preordered mine and the arrived today. I tried them and they are lit :fire:

When did you pre-order?

What city do you live in?

Please give us a mini-review :smiley:

I ordered after the 26th so it’ll be a while before I get mine :frowning: