Liberty 2 pro tinny sound quality

I have had a pair of liberty 2 pro headphones for a few days now, and for the life of me I cannot get the things to produce any noticeable bass, or treble, for that matter.

I tried the customized eq exercise. I tried various other eq settings and it still feels like the sound is coming from within a metal can, or even a tunnel. It’s not a problem with music file sampling rate. If it was a file problem I would not be getting fine sound overall from a pair of Bose sound sport wireless in ear headphones. The Bose pair gives decent bass, the main reason I went with the Soundcore pair is that reviews seemed to indicate good bass with better articulation overall. That has not been my experience. These sound like a $30 throw away pair of phones. After paying 6x that, I am not happy.

Did I do something wrong? Is there anything else I could try? I am suspecting my pair is defective but as subjective as sound quality can be, I wanted to see if I missed anything.

Have you tried the different sizes of rubber tips (buds) and wings that’s what I did and then I had great bass.

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Have you tried using and changing the eartips and wings?

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I experimented with a couple combinations but I didn’t try every possible combo. I will try a few more sizes… are these headphones supposed to reach deep into the ears or should they fit similar to other headphones that generally only have three sizes of tips? I’m trying to avoid risk of damage to my ears.

Thanks for the information!

All depends how you want to put them in, but you shouldn’t cause any damage to your ear as they will only go so far into your ear.

It’s best to insert them at a 90 degree angle and then twist to lock them into place. A quick push into the ear afterwards makes sure its sealed

@Andre6 Check to see if some kind of EQ setting on your phone/tablet/computer/etc… preventing the desired sound. If it is an iPhone you can go to Settings/Music/EQ/ make sure it is “Off”

Definitely you have an issue cause these sound really good with plenty of bass

The tips need to be perfectly placed in the ear.
Like plugs.
Try different sizes.