Liberty 2 Pro. Unpacking and first impressions


I am not a big fan of earbuds. I prefer over-ear headphones while at home, but there are number of activities when earbuds are more suitable. So I always had a pair of earbuds as well. I had Soundcore Liberty Air (lost), I have Liberty Air 2, I had Life P3 (gave to my nephew).
In case my Liberty Air 2 are pretty old I decided to for another pair of earbuds. Decision on brand wasn’t hard - I chose Soundcore.
Decision on model was harder. Luckily I have noticed that Liberty 2 Pro were heavily discounted recently. The deal combined with positive comments from Community members helped me on final decision. So I went for Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro.

Chapter I. Unpacking

I am big fan of Soundcore’s way to pack their flagship models. In case L2P are former flagship earbuds those were packed in my favourite hard box with magnetic clasp. The box looks and feels premium.

Inside the box:
Charging case
Branded Anker charging cable
6 additional pairs of Ear Tips in various sizes
2 additional pairs of Ear Wings
Some paperwork

Everything in the box made me feel I got Premium Earbuds:
Huge amount of Ear Tips and Ear Wings will ensure perfect fit for any user
Branded USB type-c cable feels sturdy
Charging case is made from quality plastic.
Earbuds are a bit bulky but looks nice.

Chapter II. Charging case

As I mentioned before charging case is made from quality plastic. And I am mad about the way it slides to open. There is a button designated for pairing and resetting on the back of case. Next to the button is USB type-C charging port covered by rubber cover (there is Serial Number printed on inner side of cover). According to description charging case can be charged by wirelessly as well.

Chapter III. Earbuds

Earbuds are pretty big but light. I like design but as far as I know some person’s prefer smaller and more discreet earbuds. There are physical button on each earbud that performs designated action on single tap, double tap and holding button (actions can be rearranged by using Soundcore APP). Liberty 2 Pro support AptX codec. In my opinion it’s a huge advantage.

Chapter IV. Connectivity and sound

First pairing went smoothly. So I started to test sound. I played a few songs and admitted that sound out of the box is almost great. It’s deep (would say 3D), but default sound profile is a bit bass oriented. To be honest it’s not my favourite sound profile. Luckily Liberty 2 Pro is supported by Soundcore APP so sound profile can be adjusted to fit personal preferences.
Didn’t spent much time to find sound profile that fits me well.

Chapter V. Liberty 2 Pro on Soundcore APP

APP has a few useful functions.
It shows charging level of earbuds, it allows to rearrange actions for buttons, it allows to update earbuds and it allows to change EQ profile. EQ profile can be selected from 22 Soundcore profiles, 10 custom profiles created by Gammy Winner producers or created by user. It’s a huge amount of choices.
APP supports HearID as well.


Great sound
Superior quality


At the moment Liberty 2 Pro are heavily discounted on ($59.99 for USA store and 69.99 EUR EU store). For such price Liberty 2 Pro are the best choice.

Thanks for reading.
Have a nice day.

P. S. I thought to do comparison between my newest speaker Motion Boom (@sean.L @Hannah thanks again for sending it to me) and Flare 2 this weekend, couldn’t wait to test my new earbuds. I hope I will find time to make this comparison in nearest future if you are interested in such.


Great review. Very thorough and covers every aspect new Soundcore users would want to know about.


Thanks for sharing the review. I’ve always wondered how they compare to the L2P+ and L3P. It seems like they sound pretty good! :+1:


Nicely done review, and some good photos too.

If you had to rank those earbuds your have / had, how would these slot in?


I myself also wonder how you would slot them in comparison to your other Earbuds?

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@TheSnarkyOne @Steve976
I have my L2P for a short period of time, but I those are the best.
LA are the worst.
LA2 and P3 in my opinion are on the same level unless those are absolutely different😃


I’d put L2P top, and a close battle between the P3s and LA2Ps.

The L2Ps IMO better sound, and I am iOS, so no need for LdAC… the P3s I find a bit more comfy and they have a few more features like sleep and gaming mode.

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I don’t have L3P so L2P is a Champion amongs earbuds I have/had :smiley:

You all seem to have a collection.
I have none, but I dont mind at all I can not use.
May be I should start to win those and donate. :laughing:

All earbuds I have/had I brought. So if you would like to have “collection” of those just look for a good discount and buy😃

No, no!

I will never start an earbud collection.
I had such ones, but I can not use (pains)
Overears I dont like.

The only ones fits me and I use are such ones.
Perfect with my old IPOD.


But meanwhile really not easy to find, so I have 2 pairs stored for replacement. :laughing: