Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded


seems like these are being launched everywhere quietly

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Nice. LDAC and transparency mode make these contenders for me. I returned my L2P mainly because I couldn’t hear my wife when I was using them. I wonder what the price is.

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Price, well if you enter the same ASIN in different countries you see some countries have prices. I’m seeing 150 Euros, 170 CA, no UK or USA prices yet.

Replace . com with UK and DE for other countries.

And wait a month for discount going on the Q35 pricing so subtract 20% for say late August estimate.

Reminder that some countries have VAT so if you took the DE Euro price divided by the currency and subtract 19% you get an estimated USA launch price of $160, and after a month an estimated $130.

And as the antenna is smaller in this shape bud than the P3 or LA2P I’d recommend waiting for reviews particularly on battery life and Bluetooth signal at the LDAC 990. While it was stumbled upon to get LDAC on the LA2P, it does have the antenna in a long stalk a little further out.

A test of LDAC on LA2P said lost a third of battery life.

I’m sure reviews will come with launch when those under NDA can publish their reviews. Soon.

Thanks for sharing this! :+1:

That’s one of the reasons I use the L2Ps more often then not… :rofl::roll_eyes:. No anc to turn off or on…


Back in the app

Not exactly sure what is the name.

Liberty 2 Pro+ or Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded or Liberty 2 Pro+ Upgraded

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Ooo back in the app Maks me wonder if they will say anything about the launch at all or just let it be

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There are reasons to let it be.

Wait for the Monday weekly core briefing.

Nothing in the weekly core briefing.

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This is what I don’t understand. The Life Q35 and P3, LA2P was such a big deal and this is complete silence

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I understand it.

  1. it’s an accident reveal, more will be said soon, just wait, very busy people are difficult to act as a united whole. If you don’t like the ToS then you have tolerate information comes out a little out of sync. Just wait. You’re either asking for all threads deleted to make a forced aligned reveal (bad) or you just have patience and wait for it to be discussed officially (better).
  2. It is actually a very small change. In other places I have been tracking this product for 6 months, and I know the hardware changes.
  3. a reason minor best not mentioned here.
  4. More is coming worthy of marketing bandwidth. The more big launches each is made harder to spot so some upgrades need to be quiet.
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makes sense. 6months wow!

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