Liberty 2 Pro vs Liberty 3 Pro - Volume and sound

Received my Liberty 3 Pros today.

Comparing them with my Liberty 2 Pros.

My pair of Liberty 2 Pros came from the very first, pre-order batch and NEVER had the hissing issues that many experienced. I have always been impressed with the sound and volume of the Liberty 2 Pros.

In my experience, the Liberty 2 Pros are still noticably louder and have a fuller sound than the Liberty 3 Pros.

Can anyone else do a side by side comparison and comment?

To be clear, the L3Ps do have good sound and do warrant all of the positive reviews. To my ears, the L2Ps still sound better.



There are comparisons to be found :

This is one is from Ryan (Moderator of the ANKER forum)


Reviews do contradict your experience. Plenty say they are very loud. For example

image image
image image

So suggest nose around in all of your volume settings, one of them may be low?

I have no volume issues with my Liberty 3 Pro’s. They are the loudest and best sounding Earbuds I own.

Several things could be different from you n the other review

Is ldac on or off

Anc on or off

Have you done the hearing test

Firmware up date

Think there are a lot of functions that could affect sound to know what is causing your to sound low vs el Jefe to sound loud. Is it the earbuds or just how you set it up.

So say no ldac n no anc they are loud but anc on n ldac on they are softer sound.

Glad to know the 3 are still a great buds but that more functions may not make for a fuller sound

To be clear, I have followed/purchased products from Anker/Soundcore for several years - as long or longer than many in this community. I am very familiar with the products and with the Soundcore app and with device settings that might impact sound.

I am very familiar with El Jefe’s reviews and I certainly watched his review of the L3P’s as soon as it came out. I am aware of his comments on the loudness of the L3P’s.

I have been using the L2P’s as my primary earbuds for nearly 2 years. I have been impressed by the L2P’s sound since I got them. The sound is amazing and they are so loud that I often wonder how such a small device can be so loud. I never listen to them at max volume because it is too loud.

Since I now own both the L2P’s and the L3P’s, I am able to do side by side comparisons. The L3P’s are very loud and the sound is very good. Each time that I listen to a track with the L3P’s and then switch to the L2P’s, I can’t help but conclude that the L2P’s are still louder and because of that the sound is fuller.

I like the L3P’s. I like that they are smaller and have features like multi-point connection. They do sound very good and do get very loud.

My post was to ask someone else to do a side by side comparison of L2P’s to L3P’s to get their comments.

Doing side by side as I type this, on the same device, with same music - the L2P’s are louder.


Unfortunately I don’t have the L2P to compare my L3P too. However I do also have the LA2P and the L3P are definitely the louder to the two.

As a side note, I think my L3P would be too loud to listen to at max volume. If indeed the L2P are louder, then they would just both be too loud to comfortably listen to at max volume, at least for me.


@TechnicallyWell has a review. They do have both buds, their review doesn’t in general do loudness comparison but hopefully tagging will prompt a reply.

I’m curious about your opinion: Since you have L2P and L3P, in which earbuds do you think bass is better?
Opinions vary, and what’s yours?

I would say that the overall sound quality is very comparable between the two.

Because, in my opinion, the L2P’s can get louder the bass of the L2P’s is more pronounced.

Both are good, but it is difficult for me to not say that the L2P’s sound just a bit better.

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@jeffharrisxus Do you also have L2P + (upgraded)?

You have the advantage over many who don’t have both.

Do you think an EQ could narrow the listening experience so tune them to be similar?

I do not. I have Liberty 2 Pros from the very first order before people started experiencing the hissing noise.

EQ’s are already set similarly.

I’m not interested in lowering EQ settings for the L2P’s to make them closer to the L3P’s.

Hi @jeffharrisxus and @kevinduck163 (and thanks for the mention, @Chiquinho!),
I tried to compare the loudness between the two and I think I can hear where @jeffharrisxus is coming from. At 50% (according to the volume indicator on my iPhone) , the Liberty 2 Pro are slightly louder than the Liberty 3 Pro. However, with both sets of earbuds, I could not go to max volume without hurting my ears.

So I could see that maybe to get the equivalent of the Liberty 2 Pro at 50% volume, you would have to set the Liberty 3 Pro to 55-60% volume. However, I believe either earbud should get loud enough for most people. I still feel the bass is stronger on the Liberty 3 Pro, but hearing can be very subjective depending on one’s ears and the music that’s playing.



Here are my concerns regarding the volume of the L3P’s.

First, after almost 2 years of the L2P’s being my primary earbuds, it is a bit disappointing that the L3P’s are not at least as loud as the L2P’s. The first few times I listened to the L3P’s, I kept thinking, “I’m pretty sure that the L2P’s would be louder/fuller on this track.” And that thought would be confirmed by switching to the L2P’s. So, it’s disappointing that the new model that I’ve been looking forward to is not quite as loud as the previous model.

Secondly, I can use the L3P’s at near-max or max volume and I guess that’s ok. With the L2P’s, even if I was listening at 70-75% volume (which was pretty normal) I always knew that if I could increase the volume if needed. So, the volume ceiling of the L2P’s is higher than the L3P’s and I never had to worry about hitting the ceiling with the L2P’s.

I like all the other improvements of the L3P’s. I like that they are smaller, have multi-point connectivity, and include ANC. They do get louder than every other pair of TW earbuds I have tried, other than the L2P’s. I would have no concerns at all if they were equal to the volume of the L2P’s.

Comparison livestream shortly.

This was a very interesting comparison.

I picked up on Dan’s real enthusiasm when discussing the L2P’s sound quality. Then when he discussed the L3P’s sound quality, he was not quite as enthusiastic. And that is my own reaction when comparing the sound quality of the 2 pairs.

If a person had never used the L2P’s then the L3P’s would be plenty good enough. After using the L2P’s for nearly 2 years, I can’t help but feel that the sound quality just not quite as good on the L3P’s.

All other new/improved features of the L3P’s are great and appreciated.

I wasn’t trying to read his body language/in between the lines but it seems like in his actual words he said the Liberty 3 Pro’s sound better (more clarity). That being said, I’m not sure if it’'s worth upgrading for pure sound quality alone, if you already have the L2P (Disclaimer: I don’t have the L2P).

It sort of reminds me of a really nice pair of Wired, Open Back Planar Magnetic Headphones I have. They are fast, great sound-stage, excellent clarity. But (there is always a but) compared to dynamic drivers, the bass is different. It’s not as strong (as much rumble), but more defined/controlled IMHO.

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I rewatched Dan’s video to better understand what he says about each pair of earbuds.

With regards to the L3P’s he uses words like “clarity” and “refined”.

Here is where I’m going to disagree slightly with Dan. The L2P’s do not suffer any lack of clarity. As I have mentioned before, I have always thought they sound amazing. Yes, the volume is important, but the sound quality is very clear even at higher volumes.

I don’t claim to be an audiophile, but I can appreciate when music sounds good. The overall sound quality of the L2P’s and the L3P’s are similar to me. The L2P’s have the edge because of the ability to get louder.