Liberty 2nd Generation | Custom EQ!

The second generation of Soundcore Liberty headphones can now have custom EQ’s in the soundcore app!

You can also have multiple custom presets made to quickly switch between them!

This is a much appreciated feature! I’m sure many people will be glad that they can make there own customized EQ instead of being limited to the soundcore presets!

Who else is glad to see this feature come?


I am not very much interested since I use a separate player with EQ. Would be thrilled to see the Transparency mode, when it comes more than anything.

Did see the new update, yet to update


Any Android user get this yet?

I am curious to see if they will go back and add this for the infini. That would be a much appreciated option.

I use a player where a 10 frequency eq is added, never used the app.
But for those who use it its a feature which is a need to have.

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Nice find. I wish there was a way for them to add support for some other headsets. I’d like to have more control over them

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I think it is good for those that like to tweak their sound. A lot of people may not use it but I would rather have that option always than not.

The characteristics of each speaker model are different.
(eg. the sound of an ICON mini can not be the same of a Motion + :slight_smile: )
Depending on the type of loudspeakers mounted. (tweeters eg.)

So an adjustment is a need to get a “suitable sound” for your ear.


LOL @Chiquinho ,

I am agreeing with you completely. I am glad they have it as we both are getting a little older (49 in 22 days) and I would like to adjust it to my ear. :slight_smile: A few may not use it was all I was saying and just play it as is just because they do not know. I know that my wife, and her mother would not use it. I have some at work (we test software and etc) that if you said tweeter that they would think you were talking about social media. :smile: … Plus good luck on that newest contest. I always like mystery prizes as you had suggested to them. :smile:

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That’s Tweety! :laughing:


Great! thanks for sharing :+1:

If want custom EQs for say the Libarity Pro 2s just search that up on the Play Store theirs 100s of options. Personally I use Viper4Android which requires root sadly for none root us and I love it. But give the Play Store a look just type Equalizer for options.

That’s just the thing. You have to use an EQ app to get an equalizer for your music.

The soundcore EQ is a global EQ. That means that once you set it up, it’s embedded into the earbuds. It stays the same if you have the app closed, and even if you switch devices.

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Oh nice, love to see when apps are updated with nice features.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Viper (in my experience and opinion atleast) really ruins the sound on the liberty 2 pros.

It would be nice to have an option for the custom EQ to import the HearID eq as a starting point for modifications.

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Great feature , available on android now seems like . Totally agree with Paul that if possible custom eq can let us import one of the presets as starting point so that we can tweak more easily if possible please

Maybe in a future update hopefully. :grimacing:

Glad to have this feature. Works great with my L2 pros and iPhone … However there is an issue with the regular non-pro liberty 2s. The custom EQ setting is available but when the power is cycled the sound resets to signature even though the app still shows custom … soundcore needs a firmware update for the L2s to get this working correctly. A similar problem existed with the L2 pros with firmware 1.15. Firmware 1.22 corrected the issue, L2s are still at 1.15 AFAIK …

Well, I can say that this custom EQ, while limited, does not appear to distort the sound like some (not all) music players’ EQ does.

I prefer it to the presets because I can see what I’m adjusting. The advantage it has over music app’s EQ (that works) is that it applies to all apps on the device instead of just the music player.

Soundcore’s default tuning has too much recessed mids and boosted bass. The mid frequency values are too far away from neutral. The custom EQ helps to fix this and allows more tweaking than the presets. (I have issue with volume and pain from the signature and personalized EQ. Piano also hurts my ears and is too fatiguing.)

Here are 2 of my settings so far:
100 = -2, 200 = -1, 400 = +3, 800 = +5, 1.6k = +2, 3.2k = +1, 6.4k = +0, 12.8k = +0

for less aggressive tweak and to keep it more similar to the default, so far, I leave everything at 0 and only change 400 = +2, 800 = +3, 1.6k = +1. This seems to push the mids enough without losing too much thump/punch of the lower frequencies, since the Liberty 2 Pro has good balance in this range to begin with.

+/- 6db is enough to play around with imo, and we don’t need to tweak too much on either end since they are within reasonable deviation to begin with, and the bass is quite impressive even though it hurt my ears with their default tuning as the mids were too much recessed.

btw, please share your custom EQ profiles for the liberty 2 pro if you have any. i’m not too creative in my EQ settings.